In fact, it has long been “beyond 20” to play the role of “Pu Guan” of college student Jiang Xiaoguo

Students to be will enter the University in September. Who will be your best friend for four years, and who will share a wonderful dormitory life with you?

there are four girls like this in the end. In the finale, the separation of the four sisters, let everyone have a resonance, like you, me and her who have graduated respectively.

Jiang Xiaoguo, as one of the “four sons of the Red Chamber”, has always attracted the attention of netizens from the beginning to the end. She is one of the most common looks of the family, but relying on their own persistent efforts, enough self-reliance, super ability to work, a colorful life.

Gu Ling’s strange, straightforward and real personality also made her circle powder numerous, deeply loved by everyone. The battle between “seeking fruit” and “Yuguo” CP has also aroused everyone’s appetite. But who knows, such a young and lovely girl is actually the oldest one in the play “four sons of the Red Chamber”.

Pu guanjin, the actor of Jiang Xiaoguo, is a goose egg face with a little baby fat on his face. The facial line is soft, the shape of eyes and nose tends to be mellow, and the whole looks sweet and has affinity. Her characteristics are not only sweet, eyes smart and firm, with the innocence of a little girl, but also the tenacity of mature women. She loves to smile, but also for her own points, a very infectious smile, very “capture” people’s hearts.

even if it is quite different from their own Li Geng Xi and Guan Xiaotong, there is no sense of conflict. “Youth Drama harvester” Bu Guan today, line years old, in addition to the advantages of her appearance, in fact, she is also a master of health, the method is really very much. Let’s take a look at her maintenance tips.

Xiao Bu said that he had always been a person with a relatively poor Qi and blood and a bad complexion. Drinking water boiled with peanut peel is a good way to replenish qi and color, which she highly recommends. Peanut skin is rich in nutrients, and has hemostasis, stasis, swelling and antioxidant effects. Here and everybody popular science, peanut skin can promote bone marrow hematopoietic function, can improve the situation of Qi and blood is not smooth, so as to have the role of blood and beauty. The extract can also effectively inhibit the oxidation of free radicals in the body, reduce the production of free radicals, accelerate the elimination of free radicals, with good antioxidant activity, and can be used as natural antioxidants.

in addition, peanut skin can also relieve dysmenorrhea to a certain extent, which can be combined with brown sugar for brewing. Finally, it should be noted that peanut skin is not suitable for patients with bruises and bruises. It will lead to poor blood circulation and aggravate blood stasis and pain, because peanut coating contains substances that promote blood coagulation.

honey lemon passion fruit tea is a drink that Xiao Bu likes to drink everyday. Can make the skin become smooth and white, can also play the role of detoxification and weight loss, and honey has the function of clearing heat, moistening dryness, beauty and beauty.

foot soaking to lose weight has been popular in recent years. Xiaobu revealed that he had also experienced a bottleneck period of weight loss, exercise and less food, and the weight still couldn’t go down. She pointed out that it is not the amount of exercise or food they eat, but the physical problems. People with wet and cold constitution will make people easy to get fat. She can soak her feet with ginger and Zanthoxylum bungeanum. Ginger has the effect of expelling cold, and Zanthoxylum has the effect of dispelling dampness. It can also help improve the quality of sleep, regulate sleep and regulate the body.

what we need to pay attention to is that we can soak feet every day, but we must pay attention to the time when we soak feet. We should control the time from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, and the water temperature is about 40 ℃. This is suitable. If the time is too long, it is very likely that the feet will be soaked, and do not be too full or too hungry. You also need to pay more attention to rest. After soaking your feet, you need to add more water and do not take a bath immediately.

Xiao Bu shared that if you use this combination to soak your feet, you will soon get warm and sweat a lot, just like a sauna. She lost a lot of weight at that time, which was very effective.