In Fulian 4, you can actually eat the fruits that mieba grows in the vegetable field

Some time ago, in the movie Avengers alliance 4, mieba planted a kind of fruit in his home garden, which is very popular. That kind of fruit looks delicious. In the movie, many people think that mieba planted this kind of fruit only in the movie, which is about the same size as Hami melon, and it is tender and juicy when picked and tasted. A lot of people even think it’s alien food. < / P > < p > in fact, this fruit can be eaten on earth, and it belongs to a kind of grounded fruit, which is called Chaenomeles. This kind of Chaenomeles is cucurbitaceous fruit. Its shape is like sea cucumber, thorn horned melon mature color is yellow, which is rich in vitamin C. Its health care effect is more effective, can adjust the spleen and stomach, defecate detoxification, beauty. < / P > < p > just wash and eat these small fruits. Some people will say that there are a lot of seeds in this fruit. It’s troublesome to eat, but you need to be patient and have a good time. This delicious fruit is rich in juices, and more than watermelon and muskmelon juice. When eating, you must pay attention to not splashing on the body. Its flesh and jelly are almost gel like, and it tastes refreshing and fresh

. This fruit is not very common. But he can squeeze juice to drink, and when he is juicing, he can not go to the seeds, but the juice made is very refreshing. , add some honey, have a special flavor, suitable for all ages. Also can cooperate with sea cucumber, abalone and other high-grade seafood ingredients to eat. < / P > < p > his taste can be adjusted according to his favorite taste, such as sweet scented osmanthus sauce and honey. But if you like spicy food, you can add chili sauce, and the taste is very different. < / P > < p > once I went to a friend’s house, and he had such fruit at home. He also mixed a cocktail with such fruit, and the taste was very good. Basically, it’s mixed with a kind of base wine, including rum, liqueur, and the puree of this fruit. It tastes super good. The origin of this fruit was in Africa, and later people found a way to grow it and spread it all over the world. It and gourd are close relatives, but more delicious than gourd, eat more, you can freely explore. < / P > < p > in this kind of fruit body, there are some lignin, which can promote intestinal digestion. Many people think that eating this kind of fruit persistently will have the effect of weight loss, especially those who like light food, fitness and weight loss can try it. This kind of food is also popular among young and middle-aged people. They have no burden on the body, and they can adjust their body functions, detoxify and keep healthy. People who can keep fit are eating. One aunt said that since she ate this, she didn’t worry about the calculation of passion fruit, the sweetness of cantaloupe and the monotony of cantaloupe. I found my baby. < / P > < p > many fruits are delicious food. We must actively explore, find ways to eat strange fruits, actively share and have a better time. What else do you know about eating exotic fruits? You can share it below. If this article is helpful to you, you can also share it with the useful people around you. Looking forward to the share of the blow. Focus