In order to be a “Internet celebrity” to make money? The mother forced her 3-year-old to 70 Jin

Recently, a 3-year-old “little net star” Peggy has attracted attention because her weight is so exaggerated. On a social video website, Peggy’s mother registered an account for her. Although there were only 5157 fans, the highest number of videos played was 55.6w. < p > < p > a table full of high calorie food, little Peggy casually delivers it to her mouth. “Little baby”, “amazing food”, “eat in a few seconds” The novelty tag has attracted many fans, and the food they eat is becoming more and more ridiculous: hamburgers, fried chicken, cola, instant noodles < p > < p > many netizens left messages suggesting that Paiqi should pay attention to the balance of her diet. However, Paiqi’s parents turned a blind eye and continued to roast meat, kebabs and sausages. They often announced excitedly: “break through 100 kg immediately!” Does little Peggy really want to eat so much? This may not be the case. In a video, adults constantly add food to little Peggy. Little Peggy repeatedly asks in a tender voice: < / P > < p > long term overeating has a great impact on a three-year-old baby. In the video, Peggy walks unsteadily, feeling like she will fall in the next second. < p > < p > studies have shown that 30 kinds of diseases, such as three high and fatty liver, are related to infant obesity. And for girls, it’s more than that… In adulthood, the probability of irregular menstruation, polycystic ovary syndrome and breast cancer is much higher than that of ordinary people. < p > < p > in addition to the physical, mental impact can not be underestimated. They are clumsy and slow witted. They are likely to be the object of amusement and even ridicule. What can I do? We can only make money by our daughter. At the same time, the girl’s childhood has been completely destroyed. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE