In order to solve the problem of few children, Japan will give 40000 yuan subsidy to newlyweds

As part of the strategy to reduce the number of children, the Japanese government said on the 20th that it would provide subsidies of 600000 yen to newlyweds from 2021 to help them pay for the rent and moving expenses. In order to help young couples who have postponed their marriage due to economic reasons, the Japanese government is offering a subsidy of 300000 yen to the newly married couple, but the couple should be under 34 years old and their family income should be less than 4.8 million yen, Kyodo News Agency reported on the 20th. In order to solve the problem of fewer children, the Japanese government will further relax the conditions from next year. The age will be relaxed to under 39 years old, the family income will be relaxed to below 5.4 million yen, and the amount of subsidy will be increased from 300000 yen to 600000 yen. In addition to providing subsidies for newlyweds, Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei said on the 18th that he planned to include infertility treatment in medical insurance in 2022. At the same time, in order to reduce the burden of patients as soon as possible, the Ministry of health, health and labor also plans to significantly increase the subsidy amount of relevant treatment in April 2021. 08/17/2020