In pregnancy, the baby knows to secretly protect her mother, after watching these feel too warm heart

Every woman will become very cautious when she learns that she is pregnant. She is afraid that she will hurt her baby because of her carelessness. Those who have been mothers can understand this feeling.

in fact, apart from the fact that the pregnant mother will try her best to eliminate the difficulties and dangers and ensure the healthy development of the fetus and baby, the baby is also quietly protecting the mother in her own way!

it’s just that many mothers don’t know. I believe that after reading this article, you will feel that having a baby is a very warm thing, even if this process is hard, it is worth it!

I don’t know if you have found such a wonderful phenomenon, that is, no matter how heavy the baby is at birth, their height is almost the same, mostly about 50cm.

at the beginning, I was also curious, so I went to consult a friend working in obstetrics and gynecology in the hospital, and finally found the answer for me! Originally, this is because the mother’s uterus is elastic, but it can only stretch to about 35cm at most. If the baby is too big, the mother’s uterus will not be able to hold him.

so in order not to let the mother work too hard, the baby will control his height, and the baby will always be in a curled up state in the mother’s stomach. In fact, it shows that the baby helps the mother during pregnancy.

we all know that mothers are very painful when they give birth. Even under such circumstances, mothers have to exert all their strength to give birth to the baby.

but it is not enough to rely on the efforts of the mother alone for the delivery. During this period, there is also the credit of the baby! In order to alleviate the pain of the mother, the baby will try his best to move his head to the position close to the mouth of the uterus, so that the mother’s delivery will be more smooth. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

after pregnancy, many mothers will reflect that although they have some gynecological problems before, they have disappeared since the birth of a baby.

what’s the reason? In fact, when a female friend is pregnant, her body will secrete a large amount of progesterone. These hormones can help the pregnant mother to adjust the already imbalanced endocrine, thus making some diseases disappear.
Thank you for your baby’s better quality after pregnancy.

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