In summer, pregnant mothers pay attention to taking a bath. One of these taboos can’t be touched, and they can’t just make themselves comfortable

Xiaoxiao is a very clean girl. Since she was pregnant, she always felt that she was always sweating and dirty. Especially now in summer, she has to take a bath three times a day.

on that day, she suddenly felt that her stomach was not right after taking a bath. When she saw the red below, she was scared to go to the hospital. When she got to the hospital, the doctor told her after examination: “now the fetus is very unstable. First give you some progesterone injection to check the situation.”

how could something happen to the baby? It was good before. The doctor said, “your fetus is not very stable. It may be caused by fatigue in bathing too many times, or it may be caused by the water temperature when you take a bath.”

experts suggest: take a bath no more than three times during pregnancy, usually once a day. Multiple Bathing will cause skin irritation repeatedly and affect the health of the fetus.

the time for pregnant mothers to take a bath should not be too long. The bathroom belongs to a closed space. Long time Bathing will make pregnant women in a state of hypoxia, affect the blood flow into the placenta, affect the development of the baby’s nervous system, and cause damage to the baby.

1) cold bath: many people know that pregnant women can’t take cold baths, which may make pregnant women sick. But in fact, in addition to this reason, cold bath may also stimulate pregnant women’s contractions, resulting in abortion, premature birth and so on.

2) hot bath: too high water temperature will also cause damage to the fetus, especially the cells in the early pregnancy embryo will be damaged by high temperature, resulting in fetal growth retardation or deformity.

according to clinical research, if the maternal temperature rises by 2 ℃, the fetal brain cells will develop stagnation; if the maternal temperature rises by 3 ℃, the brain cells may be killed, which will cause some distortion or mental retardation.

sitz bath is not recommended for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Women’s immunity would have been reduced during pregnancy. Bacteria may enter the body during sitz bath, causing infection and affecting the health of the baby.

some pregnant mothers love cleaning and always like to clean their navel. However, during pregnancy, the navel is directly connected with the baby’s umbilical cord. Cleaning the navel can easily cause intrauterine infection and directly threaten the safety of the baby.

with the growth of gestational age, the mother’s body will become heavier and heavier, and the bathroom is very slippery. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to skid resistance during pregnancy, and it is better to have family members with them.

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