In the face of adolescent children, parents must first respect

Once there was a student who was absent from class and did not write homework for no reason. I deliberately found this classmate to chat with him during the end of class, and learned that the missed class was something the student had already seen. So I first said to the students: “It’s a bit irritable to read the articles I’ve read again, right?” The students quickly let go of their hostile attitude. Then I went on to say, “But do you know what it means for a student to absent from school for no reason?” He did not speak, but realized the seriousness of absenteeism.

At that time, I saw that the cafeteria was about to close, so I asked the students to eat first and then find the teacher after the first class in the afternoon. When the student walked into my office again, I asked him to move a chair. The student said “move the chair again” at random, and I took the opportunity to say: “This is respect. I respect you very much. Should you respect the teacher?” He nodded, expressing that he would “step by step” to complete the homework in each subject.

I asked the students to come to the office to make up lessons after school. The students said, “Is this still necessary? Just go back and read the article.” I took the opportunity to say, “This is the root of my understanding. You think you just read an article once. Have you learned it? Then you’ve seen a lot of essays for the college entrance examination. Can you reach that level?” He said “No”, and I said: “This requires learning. When others read it for the first time, they just appreciate it. It’s good, maybe it’s just an exclamation, but the second time you read it, you should think about why he wrote it so well. Can I remember one or two of his good sentences and apply what I have learned; its thinking angle is not It can be updated and deeper.”

In this way, after further exchanges, the student said a lot of his worries and confusion. It turned out that he was full of pain because he could not enter the ideal class. After this incident, the student never missed class for no reason, and he studied harder. Up to now, he is willing to communicate with the teacher if he has any confusion or problems.

Reflecting on the entire education process, the premise of education is respect. Teachers and parents should fully respect the child’s self-esteem, the right to go to class, and the right to eat, so that he realizes that his parents respect him. And a boy in adolescence loves face, parents should respect him, give him dignity, he will respect the teacher, and give the teacher the opportunity to communicate with him. At the same time, teachers and parents must be honest and specific in solving problems. According to the students’ personality characteristics, the targeted guidance will make him realize that some seemingly simple problems are actually more worthy of in-depth and multi-angle research.

In addition, children should learn to cooperate and be considerate of each other in addition to learning. In addition, the most taboo of criticism is endless. If you turn over the old accounts too much, the child will feel that the parent is not helping him solve the problem, but is looking for trouble. Let the criticized students feel your care, which will help solve the problem.