In the process of action, we can change our destiny

Psychosomatic imbalance mainly comes from the external bad stimulation, the improper cognitive mode of thinking, and in the form of emotional expression of the formation of vicious cycle, and finally become a disease, the formation of traditional Chinese medicine in the emotional disease, such as depression, anxiety, phobia, etc., consciousness therapy is to start from the emotion, aware of the subconscious thinking mode and cognitive mode The new cognition constructs the new thinking mode, reconstructs the brain circuit, replaces the old thinking mode, which is the psychological intervention idea of consciousness therapy. < / P > < p > People’s thinking mode is very strong, and people’s behavior must conform to their mind thinking. Otherwise, there will be conflicts. There is a folk saying that eyelid jumping will lose money. You lose 100 yuan in the first eyelid jump, 100 yuan in the second eyelid jump, and no money in the third eyelid jump You are always worried about something bad to happen. Until something bad happens, your heart will calm down. This is the so-called Murphy’s Law: the more you worry about bad things, the more likely they will happen! It is the result of the inherent mode of thinking running at the subconscious level. < / P > < p > how to change the mode of thinking by changing cognition? Consciousness therapy refers to two levels. The first level is to see the truth of things. The reason why people are afraid is that they are afraid of the unknown. A man named leguang hung a bow on the wall when he was having a dinner. Some guests mistakenly thought that there was one in the cup Snake, because of this suspicious disease, he was bedridden and suspected that he had been poisoned by snake venom. Many people came to persuade him but failed to solve his problem. Later, a friend of his told him that there was no poisonous snake in the cup, but the shadow of the bow hanging on the wall in the wine cup. His illness was cured at once. This is the story of the snake in the cup. < / P > < p > many patients with anxiety and depression have the phenomenon of over thinking. This kind of excessive thinking makes the truth of things shrouded in a fog. What they tell are their own over interpretation and distorted stories. The brain’s hobby determines that it will process and distort things. When you excessively believe in the story of the brain, the most extreme situation is depression Fear of anxiety broke out! The most important job of psychological counselors is to guide patients to see the true nature of things clearly, and switch from the world of mind thinking to the current real world. < / P > < p > the second level is to change cognition through action, shape new thinking patterns and reconstruct brain circuits. Many years ago, a medical professor told me a case. There was a woman who vomited a worm. Since then, she often felt nauseous. As a result, she had severe vomiting and was very stubborn. She had been trying to control this kind of unconscious vomiting and tried all kinds of methods, but the vomiting became more and more serious. Later, she met a very good doctor Sheng, the doctor told her that I will do an abdominal operation for you tomorrow. If I take out all the Ascaris in your stomach, you will be cured. After this operation, the woman’s vomiting has been cured. In fact, she just went through the process and never had this operation! Later, when she learned of the fact, she suffered from vomiting again. < / P > < p > many patients with depression and anxiety are looking for medicine everywhere, trying to find a quick way to get rid of depression and anxiety. When the sense of emptiness, loneliness, helplessness, and despair of depression and anxiety attack, they are thinking about how to resist, suppress and reject, which directly leads to the “victim” mode of thinking of depression It can only strengthen thinking by controlling thinking with thinking. Of course, it will seek external help like the lady in the case. However, the subconscious mode of thinking has not been changed. Some people seek alcohol, smoke and sex. However, these external aids should be returned sooner or later A continuous process of borrowing is addiction! 08/16/2020