In winter, I feel itchy all over my body. Do 5 things well and don’t worry about scratching my skin

Unknowingly, it’s winter again. Facing the invasion of cold air, many people have closed their doors and practice immortality at home every day. However, there are some people in winter in addition to the invasion of cold air, but also face the whole body itching torture, especially in the fire and after the bath, the degree of itching will be greatly improved, the body scratch skin also still feel endless, even because the whole body itching affects the normal life and image.

I believe we all know that the body has the function of self-regulation of body temperature. In winter, due to the sudden drop of temperature, the body’s self-protection function will be turned on. In order to lock the body’s moisture and ensure that the heat does not dissipate excessively, the pores will automatically close, and the metabolism and blood flow rate will become slow. At this time, the skin will become extra dry, causing itching all over the body .

in addition to itching all over the body, it can also cause skin roughness, desquamation and other problems, especially in the fire, because the fire aggravates the dry skin, the skin itching problem will also aggravate, which is why women need to strengthen the maintenance of their skin in winter.

drink plenty of water in winter. Replenishing water for your body is good for moisturizing your skin and relieving itching. At the same time, we should also eat more fruits and vegetables. In addition to a lot of water, fruits and vegetables also contain many healthy trace elements, which can promote the metabolism of the skin.

you can’t take a bath too hard and thoroughly in winter, because if you take a bath too hard and thoroughly, the sebum membrane on the outermost layer of the skin will be washed away. At this time, the water loss of the body will be greatly increased, and the skin will become dry further. That’s why many people will find that their skin is astringent and tight after taking a bath, and even itchy.

therefore, it is recommended not to take a bath too diligently in winter, just once every three days. In addition, when taking a bath, try to use moisturizing shower gel, even without shower gel and soap.

when many people take a bath in winter, the water temperature is usually high, and the high water temperature will lead to the acceleration of blood circulation, the opening of cells one after another, and the excessive loss of water in the bath, which will also aggravate the situation of dry skin and itching. Especially for many elderly people, the secretion function of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is relatively poor. Bathing with too high water temperature will not only aggravate skin itching, but also increase blood pressure, thus increasing the burden of cerebrovascular disease and causing danger.

friends who are prone to skin itching in winter should keep a bottle of moisturizer at home, which is necessary. Moisturizer can make dry skin moist, so as to prevent skin itching. Especially after bathing, moisturizer should be applied to prevent dry skin.

in winter, in order to show their figure, many girls often wear only a thin silk stockings, or even not at all, exposing their legs to the air, and this kind of behavior will aggravate the dry skin. Moreover, this kind of behavior will make the lower body blood circulation become slow, and even cause the old cold leg and palace cold. Therefore, no matter for the sake of skin health or physical health, women should not show their charm for a while, as long as their demeanor is not warm.

I believe that as long as you do the above five things well, you will be fresh in winter! In addition, do you have dry and itchy skin in winter? How to prevent it? I don’t want to leave a message in the comment area below. Let’s exchange your experience! Focus