Indians drink cow urine to fight against the new crown, while German brother believes that it is a natural vaccine

The epidemic is sweeping the world, and life and health will become the most important topic in the next few years. It is imperative to open the way to strengthen immunity and explore new health therapy. A 26 year old man from Hamburg, Germany, has found his “new treatment”: he drinks up to four liters of his urine a day. < / P > < p > the man said he felt great since the discovery of “urine therapy.”. He couldn’t do without his own urine any more, and he advised others to have a drink. < / P > < p > this so-called “urine therapy” has completely changed his life, not just drinking. He also puts urine on his ears with a syringe and rubs it on his skin. < / P > < p > he discovered that urine has “healing ability” in 2017. He thinks that his body is a “self-sustaining vehicle that heals by consuming urine”. Because of his daily routine, he never got sick and was full of energy. “I found urine therapy on the Internet and I’m very open about it,” he said. So I started, and I tried it right away, and it worked very well, and I knew I wanted to continue < p > < p > the urine therapy he studied was called shivambu kalpa in Hindi. In ancient times, Indians thought that urine tasted like a miracle, and this kind of smelly regimen gradually passed down. After a few months of retrogression, an Indian MP called on the public to hold a “cow urine party” just after the outbreak of the new epidemic in India. He said novel coronavirus pneumonia can be prevented by cow urine, and cow dung can kill the virus. Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, has more than 200 participants. Despite repeated emphasis by India medical experts that cow urine is not effective, there is no evidence that it can prevent new crown pneumonia. But there are still others. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not immune to these people. If it is effective, Modi will not promote it. < / P > < p > unlike Indians who drink “divine urine”, the German drinks his own urine. He also carefully shares his own feelings based on the reality: “I am a bit depressed and easily lose contact with myself, but urine therapy really helps me to understand my own consciousness more deeply. It helps me explore all aspects of my mind, the deeper layers of reality, and the ideas surrounding the closed law, the yoga tradition, the self-sustaining body, and the body container for self-healing. ” < / P > < p > hearing this, you may still think that he is talking nonsense and even a little disgusting, but this little brother has a very attractive reason: save money! < / P > < p > “it’s free to everyone,” he said. “I’ve hardly been sick since I started my urine therapy. It’s the perfect drug for all diseases and viruses. It’s the body’s own vaccine. ” < p > < p > finally, he even described to him how to do it. He said: “for beginners, you just need to pee in a cup and then drink it. My advice to you is, just start practicing, don’t hesitate, don’t think too much. Do what you want. ” Focus