Infection is strong within 5 days after onset! The latest version of novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment plan announced

Issued by the National Health Commission on 19. Eighth edition of novel coronavirus infection is the source of new coronavirus infection and asymptomatic infection. It is infectious at the incubation period, and is more infectious within 5 days after onset. In describing the route of transmission, the scheme states that respiratory droplets and close contact are the main routes of transmission. Exposure to virus contaminated items can also cause infection.

in addition, novel coronavirus was detected in lung, spleen, hilar lymph nodes, bone marrow, heart and blood vessels, liver, gallbladder, kidney, brain, esophagus, stomach and intestine, testis and other organs and tissues respectively. In the aspect of clinical characteristics, the clinical manifestations of mis-c were introduced. The “novel coronavirus specific IgM antibody, IgG antibody in the 1 week of the incidence of a relatively low positive” and may lead to false positive cases, and the circumstances can be detected by antibody detection. A novel coronavirus specific IgM antibody was used as a diagnostic basis for suspected cases. < / P > < p > the new diagnosis and treatment plan has also been revised, and the trial antiviral drugs are briefly summarized. Some drugs may have certain therapeutic effects through clinical observation, but no antiviral drugs have been found that have been proved effective by strict “randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study”. It is suggested that drugs with potential antiviral effect should be used in the early stage of the disease, especially in patients with severe risk factors and severe tendency. Novel coronavirus pneumonia should be emphasized in the early rehabilitation. We should emphasize early rehabilitation intervention and actively carry out rehabilitation training and intervention in order to restore physical fitness, physical fitness and immune function in patients with new crown pneumonia. < / P > < p > the diagnosis and treatment plan also added “nursing” related content. According to the patient’s condition, clear the key points of nursing and do a good job in basic nursing. It is emphasized that the vital signs and consciousness of the patients should be closely observed and the oxygen saturation should be monitored Patients in bed should prevent stress injury. According to the nursing standard to do a variety of invasive treatment, invasive operation nursing. < p > < p > in terms of discharge criteria and matters needing attention after discharge, the scheme proposed that for patients whose body temperature returned to normal for more than 3 days, respiratory symptoms improved significantly and lung imaging showed significant improvement in acute exudative lesions, such as those whose nucleic acid was still positive for more than 4 weeks, it was suggested that “comprehensive assessment of infectivity of patients should be conducted by antibody detection, virus culture and isolation, etc After that, judge whether to discharge from hospital < / P > < p > the diagnosis and treatment plan added the “prevention” related content, and proposed to maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, improve health literacy, maintain good indoor ventilation, scientific personal protection, timely medical treatment and other prevention and control suggestions. 08/16/2020