Inner Mongolia announced the holiday time of primary and secondary schools

The winter vacation is coming. In order to make the majority of primary and secondary school students have a safe, happy and meaningful holiday, the relevant work notice of 2020 winter vacation in primary and secondary schools is as follows: < / P > < p > in the compulsory education stage, school students will have a holiday from January 1, 2021. Before the holiday, teachers will complete the monitoring, marking, performance analysis, student evaluation and other work arranged by the school, starting from January 7 to be on holiday. The third year of junior high school and senior high school were postponed for two weeks, and classes began on February 22. Other sections of the school will officially open on March 1, and teachers will go to work on February 22. All primary and secondary schools must strictly implement the unified vacation time, and shall not arbitrarily shorten or extend the vacation time, so as to ensure that primary and secondary school students have sufficient rest and study time. All kindergartens refer to the holiday time of primary and secondary schools. < / P > < p > do a good job in the final examination and monitoring work. Each school should carefully arrange the education and teaching work and final examination at the end of the semester, and participate in the teaching quality monitoring of unified organization, unified proposition and unified test time of teaching and research section. The unified sampling test period of this semester is grade four of primary school and grade seven of junior high school, and the final examination and monitoring time is December 28-31, 2020. The final examination results organized and implemented by the school shall be submitted to the teaching and research section before January 8, 2021. < p > < p > arrange a healthy, happy and substantial holiday life reasonably. We should guide students to actively participate in beneficial social practice activities by using holidays, so as to enable students to get education in ideals and beliefs, socialist core values, Chinese excellent traditional culture, ecological civilization and mental health, enrich skills, develop good habits and cultivate sentiment through activities, and require parents to respect children’s health interests and arrange students’ holiday students reasonably To cultivate children’s good learning and living habits, to urge children to pay attention to safety, to strengthen physical exercise, to take the initiative to undertake housework; to implement law popularization education, to enhance the concept of the rule of law between teachers and students, to guide students to advocate science, to get rid of superstition and to be thrifty; to advocate teachers and students to develop a civilized and healthy lifestyle, and to guide teachers not to participate in gambling, not to drink and drive, and to live a civilized life A peaceful, thrifty and healthy Spring Festival and winter vacation. < / P > < p > to ensure safety during holidays. All primary and secondary schools should carry out safety education, and strengthen the education of traffic safety, food safety, prevention and control of influenza and other infectious diseases in combination with the characteristics of winter and winter vacation. During the winter vacation, the school and all teachers and students should continue to strengthen the prevention and control of Xinguan epidemic. During the winter vacation, teachers and students are not allowed to travel across the border. Parents, teachers and students are encouraged to reduce going out during the holidays. If they leave Tongliao City, they should report to the school and the education and Sports Bureau. When they go out, teachers and students must wear masks and gather less. They should wash hands, disinfect, ventilate, clean and exercise frequently. When entering public places, they should actively cooperate with management personnel to implement information registration The prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement and code verification, personnel diversion and other prevention and control measures should be taken to effectively do a good job of personal protection; all schools should strictly implement closed management and prohibit foreign personnel from entering and leaving the campus at will. If necessary, they must accurately check the residence history and close contact history of foreign personnel, and accurately measure the body temperature, record and record in detail. < p > < p > do a good job in fire prevention, explosion-proof bamboo blast injury, anti ice drowning, electric shock and gas poisoning prevention, prevent accidents, do a good job in the prevention of severe rain and snow weather, strengthen the awareness of parents as legal guardians, do a good job in family education; do a good job in school holiday safety management, strengthen campus safety inspection, implement fire safety management measures, and Before the holiday, a comprehensive investigation was carried out on all kinds of facilities and equipment, such as electricity, water, fire control, door lock, boiler, gas and experimental chemical storage, etc., to ensure the safety of facilities and equipment and eliminate various potential safety hazards. During the winter vacation, all units implement a 24-hour duty system for cadres and staff, timely report, handle and respond to emergencies, pay attention to fire prevention and theft prevention, and ensure the safety of school buildings and property. In order to control the behavior of making up lessons and running classes in disorder, the homework should be scientific and effective. We should conscientiously implement the document requirements on standardizing school running behavior and reducing the heavy schoolwork burden of primary and secondary school students. It is strictly forbidden to organize students to make up lessons collectively or take new courses in compulsory education stage, let alone make up lessons with compensation. Schools are not allowed to lend or rent educational and teaching rooms to other units or individuals for use. Schools and teachers are not allowed to participate in, mobilize or organize students to participate in various social review classes and training classes. To reasonably arrange students’ winter vacation homework, the headmaster should ask in person, effectively control the total amount of winter vacation homework after the accumulated homework of each subject, and ensure that the amount of daily written homework of students is not higher than that of normal homework and time requirements. According to the design of appropriate moral education homework and social practice activities, arrange the activity, experience and inquiry homework which is conducive to the students to use their brains, enhance their physique, improve their practice and innovation ability, and develop good behavior habits. < p > < p > < p > the family school connection forms the education resultant force. According to the requirements, schools should do a good job of home visits during the holidays. < / P > < p > strengthen the contact with the parents of students, timely inform the parents of the vacation time and homework arrangement through various ways, actively guide and mobilize parents not to blindly follow the trend in the holidays to participate in extra school supplementary courses, arrange more activities suitable for students’ interests and specialties, develop good behavior habits, and enhance students’ self-confidence in development. The school leaders, middle-level cadres and class teachers should pay close attention to the learning trends of “backward students” in time and take corresponding strategies for specific problems; school leaders, middle-level cadres and class teachers should do a good job of visiting and consoling students with difficulties, solve difficult problems for families of students with difficulties, and resolutely prevent students from dropping out of school due to poverty in compulsory education stage. Before the start of school, school leaders and staff should arrive at their posts in advance to ensure the orderly development of education and teaching. Focus