Insist or give up? It’s helpful for two people on the way to pregnancy

Ms. He and Ms. Gao are much harder on this road than most of their mothers. Their ages, occupations and experiences are quite different. However, the road of helping a child is full of twists and turns. Once they were about to go to the water poor place, they did not give up and finally ushered in hope

recently, the reproductive medicine center of Ruijin Hospital held the 6th good pregnancy travel exchange activity online. During the activity, the two expectant mothers shared their own mental journey with their families who were struggling on the way to pregnancy, bringing full positive energy to their peers. Come and hear their stories.

I am 38 years old. In 2017, I came to the reproductive center of Ruijin Hospital for consultation. In the past two years from artificial insemination to being a test tube baby, I took three eggs and transferred four times. During this period, I experienced many attacks, such as spontaneous abortion, no embryo available after taking eggs. In particular, when I asked for leave from work to do the test tube, when my family members were disappointed again and again when the test tube failed, and when I was told by my friends that I should give up, I also felt very gloomy and confused. Should I continue? Or give up?

as soon as I had time, I looked up the experience of online test tube forums and patient groups, analyzed the reasons for the failure, and suddenly realized that I should make a change.

one is psychological change. It’s very important to regain confidence. When you fail, you should release negative emotions correctly. Couples should encourage each other and learn to face it calmly. It is suggested that we should do some other things to distract attention, ensure regular work and rest, get enough sleep, and don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Maybe we can get better results. I have witnessed a sister who was not detected on the test paper the day before the prize drawing, and the pregnancy was verified on the day of blood drawing.

the second is physical change. We should fully understand themselves, according to the actual situation of symptomatic conditioning. Take me as an example. Because I have been in the office for a long time, I seldom go out for exercise during the day and lack of sunshine. I have seen articles about the impact of vitamin D deficiency on women’s body immunity and pregnancy, so I went to the hospital to detect 25 hydroxyvitamin D, and it was found that vitamin D was seriously deficient. Before the third test tube, I paid special attention to vitamin D supplementation.

no pains, no gains. At present, I have been pregnant with twins for 25 weeks. I firmly believe that with the support of Ruijin’s strong medical team and technical strength, we can also reap the joy of success.

my husband and I met for a year, and he told me that he might have azoospermia. In order to get pregnant, we first found a private hospital and spent 40000 yuan without success. In May of the next year, I had acute appendicitis. I recovered after the operation. I had another acute tonsillar abscess During this period, I searched for the most reliable hospital on the Internet, ready to do IVF, and finally chose the reproductive center of Ruijin Hospital.

at the end of last year, we went to Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and started to file the files. At that time, doctors suggested that the test tube could be carried out after the new year. However, God made a joke, the serious epidemic situation let us stop. It was not until June that I returned to Shanghai Ruijin Hospital and met with Dr. Zhang Dan. After promoting the excretion, the doctor said that the follicle length was ok, and the intima was also good.

No.19 is the day of egg collection. After getting on the operating table, the anesthesiologist guided me to “fall asleep” as soon as possible. When I woke up, the egg collection was over, and I only needed to stay in bed for a while. My husband also had surgery to get semen. On the 22nd, we came to the hospital to prepare for fresh embryo transfer. After a few minutes, the transplantation was successfully completed, and the rest was waiting for good news.

on July 17, I came to have a check-up. Dr. Zhang said that the embryo buds were growing very well. Now I’m still waiting for the baby’s second super. I hope the baby can hold on to the small house and don’t give up on me. I’ve been waiting for your arrival. Thank you, Dr. Zhang Dan. She is sincere, smiling and very friendly. It seems that you can tell her all your problems. She is also very considerate and considerate of all kinds of problems for you. I really appreciate her.

I hope that my experience can bring positive energy to all mothers. When the mountains and rivers are exhausted, there is no way to go. There is a village where there are hidden willows and flowers. When God closes a door, it will also open a window.