Insomnia “big savior” was found, sprinkle a handful of water, nothing to drink more, let you sleep until dawn

Suppose that one day, you find that you will wake up early every night at midnight, look at the time, and find that there are still two or three hours before you get up, and you want to go to sleep again. However, the awake brain has already refused you to go to sleep again, so you can only look at the sun outside the window that has not yet got up. After getting up, the whole person felt dizzy because he didn’t get a good rest.

you just thought it was just an occasional work and rest disorder, but what’s painful is that for a long time, you wake up in the middle of the night and have a good sleep, which is a luxury.

insomnia is also very harmful to hair. It is because long-term insomnia can lead to endocrine disorders of the human body, which causes excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, or forced changes in the secretion properties of sebaceous glands.

men with long-term insomnia will often feel mental fatigue and weak and sickly; women with long-term insomnia will have dark skin, wrinkles and spots will increase.

insomnia can lead to memory decline, and people are easy to be healthy. Moreover, insomnia and health are mutually affected. Long term insomnia will lead to aggravation of health, and forgetfulness may also aggravate insomnia.

long term insomnia will affect the digestive system of the body, because the decrease of the concentration of lipoprotein in the human body will make the brain decide to eat. Most people especially want to eat when they have insomnia, but the body’s insulin can’t make glucose metabolize normally, which will cause obesity.

for insomnia, we should first replenish qi and blood, regulate the internal organs, and realize the coordination of the five internal organs, so as to achieve the purpose of improving sleep. Therefore, to improve insomnia, medicinal supplement is better than food tonic.

preparation: sour jujube kernel, Poria cocos, lotus seed, lily, Lycium barbarum, longan, jujube and mulberry are eight kinds of food materials for moistening the five internal organs. They are scientifically combined and boiled into tea soup for drinking, which can be called the natural enemy of insomnia.

semen Ziziphi Spinosae can calm and hypnotize, Lily can calm the mind, Poria cocos can calm the mind, longan can calm the mind, and with the remaining ingredients, it can nourish Qi and blood, calm the mind and help sleep, and help improve insomnia.

insisting on regular work and rest time is not only helpful to sleep, but also can improve one’s attention and work efficiency. Therefore, it is recommended to go to bed before 11:00 p.m., and it is not suitable to sleep in the morning, especially the habit of staying in bed will make people more tired.

it’s better to take exercise at 4:00 p.m. every day. It’s good for sleeping at night, relieving fatigue and improving excitement. And exercise can not only keep fit, but also good for health.

the relationship between diet and insomnia is inseparable. As the saying goes, “eating and sleeping” is not as good as “sleeping fully”. This is because eating and sleeping will make the digestive system unable to rest during sleep, and exhaust gas will stay in the body; eating after sleeping is eating under the normal operation of the body, and food can be fully digested and absorbed.