Insomnia is mostly eaten out! Three kinds of food, more brain damage than alcohol, tell family to take off the table

Good sleep habits are very important for all of us. Only when we go to sleep before 1:00 p.m., can our body recover quickly, and we can ensure that we can be energetic the next day and have more motivation when we work. Recently, 23-year-old Xiao Li has always been unable to sleep in the middle of the night. Because his work is auditing, and he works three shifts a day, he stays up late and works overtime. He has a very irregular sleep, always sleeps at night, yawns during the day, and gets up in the morning with a bloated mind and is very tired. < / P > < p > “I can’t sleep, and I can’t form good sleep habits. I have to change classes in a few days, and I can’t sleep at this point.” The more worried Xiao Li was, the more difficult it was to fall asleep at night. As soon as the holiday came, Xiao Li began to make up his sleep. He didn’t eat breakfast or lunch, and he was in a coma after waking up. < / P > < p > in modern society, there are indeed many people who have fallen into sleep disorders for a long time. They can’t sleep at night or get up during the day. If this goes on like this, they don’t have breakfast and lunch, which is very harmful to the body and stomach. Insomnia has become the first headache for the young and the elderly. Young people can’t sleep because of mobile phones and games. The elderly sleep more and more shallowly with the increase of age. How should sleep problem go to solve? The first is to know the cause of insomnia, the second is to prescribe the right medicine. In the process of pickling, pickles and other pickles are easy to produce a large number of nitrite substances. Usually, excessive intake of pickles will cause brain hypoxia and cerebral ischemia poisoning, and this kind of food will also cause a burden on the liver, which will aggravate the burden of liver detoxification. Eating like this for a long time is an important reason for insomnia. If you feel uncomfortable, insomnia will follow. < / P > < p > fried chicken is a very delicious meat food, not only with low fat content, but also with high protein content. With the change of cooking methods of chicken in various countries, fried chicken has become a kind of very hot food, but this kind of food is very unfriendly for our sleep. Often, excessive intake of this kind of food will lead to high fat content in the body and digestive difficulties, food digestion difficulty in the stomach, brain ischemia, resulting in insomnia. < p > < p > fat meat is very annoying to many people, but in daily life, the intake of this kind of food is not too small. Such as Dongpo meat, braised pork, pork elbow and other foods, fat meat will increase the taste of these foods, will make the meat fat but not firewood, making people have a sense of satisfaction. But excessive fat intake can also cause insomnia, and eating too much of this kind of food will increase the body’s fat content, resulting in excessive obesity. This kind of substance can improve insomnia and dreaminess, inhibit the excessive excitability of sympathetic nerve, and help to calm the impatient mood and anxiety mood. Moreover, this kind of material comes from natural plant ingredients, and has no dependence on human body. The ganoderma triterpenoids and enzyme components in Ganoderma lucidum can clear free radicals in the body, help to delay aging, and It can nourish the central nervous system of the brain, promote the secretion of sleep aid elements, and make people sleep more stable and comfortable. < p > < p > feet should be soaked before going to bed, which can improve the circulatory system and help sleep better. This habit can stimulate the blood vessels of our feet, increase the blood flow rate, and help the muscles of the feet and legs to relax, so as to relieve the mental tension during sleep and make it easier to fall asleep. The key to sleep well is to keep the indoor air fresh. When the air is fresh, there is more oxygen in the brain, and it is easier to promote sleep. But in the case of keeping indoor ventilation, we should try our best to avoid catching cold. It’s better to cover the quilt when sleeping to keep the body temperature normal, and it is not suitable to have cold diseases. Focus