Insomnia “most afraid” is not chrysanthemum, but it! I have nothing to eat. I sleep until dawn in 8 hours

My colleague Xiao Su, 26, was a very healthy little girl. But recently, she often gave me Tucao, saying she hadn’t slept well for more than two months. Most of the time she woke up in the middle of the night. After waking up, she could hardly sleep. She was very worried about what serious illness would make complaints about it.

actually, Xiaosu is a typical insomnia, so she can’t sleep until dawn. With the rapid pace of modern life, people’s living habits and bad behaviors make insomnia no longer deal with the elderly. Many young people are gradually stared at by insomnia without any hint, which makes more and more people who have insomnia. According to incomplete statistics, there are three to four adults in China who are insomnia.

staying up late often can make work and rest disordered, and biological clocks will be disordered. And often stay up late will make the body need energy can not be replenished, in the morning, dizziness, exhaustion. So, do not want insomnia aggravating, from quit staying up late.

Mr. Zhang found himself insomnia in the last half of the year. Sometimes he fell asleep in a daze and was very shallow and easily woke up. Later doctors told him that smoking caused insomnia, nicotine in tobacco will destroy sleep, lead to sleep fragmentation, and increase some hormone content in blood, insomnia.

to put it straight, it’s just too much thought. Thinking too much, can not take blood, will cause palpitation and forgetfulness, soul failure and God tired food less, the face will not be easy to sleep, and insomnia will be produced.

many people think that the most feared thing about insomnia is chrysanthemum chrysanthemum. In fact, it is not, but it is Zhining polysaccharide. It is easy to eat, and have 8 hours of sleep, so you can sleep in a big day.

the synthetic substance of Zhining polysaccharide from food can regulate insomnia. First, it is necessary to supplement qi and blood, regulate internal organs and realize coordination of five organs, so as to improve insomnia. The most common thing is to supplement nutrients of calming nerves, such as taking Ganning polysaccharide compounds from food.

it is composed of crude polysaccharide, adenosine and triterpene and other trace elements, which is extracted from pure natural plants, without any side effects. It can mainly promote the secretion of hypnotic neurotransmitters by the pituitary gland, repair the damaged sleep cells, and then alleviate insomnia from the root. The tryptophan content of millet is the first in cereal. The function of this substance is to promote the brain to secrete neurotransmitters that make people sleep, and also can strengthen the spleen, stomach and sleep, and can improve the sleep quality to a great extent.

and Lily is called “calm, determined, and beneficial…” According to clinical observation, Lily has a good effect on palpitation, insomnia and multiple dreams caused by neurofunction and menopause syndrome.

after massage the acupoints, you should be quiet, relaxed and do not meditate. Leave everything away. Don’t think about it. Take deep breathing method and only pay attention to your breathing. Deep breathing can help the body to absorb oxygen, and also help the body to exhaust the turbid gas for a day and relax the body and mind. Under normal circumstances, people can sleep in one minute. Those with insomnia can sleep through breathing, that is, the number of deep breaths, and sleep for 3-10 minutes. Focus