Internet plus supported teaching strategies

‘s sudden novel coronavirus pneumonia has changed the way our teachers teach – from classroom instruction to online teaching. Because online teaching is separated from the classroom, away from the supervision of teachers and the company of students, children’s laziness gradually appears. How to turn the disadvantages of online teaching into advantages, strengthen the communication between teachers and students, and ignite students’ enthusiasm for learning? The author has made some attempts. < / P > < p > during the epidemic period, some students could not finish their homework on time because their parents were busy with their work and had no time to take care of their study. In addition, they did not develop good learning habits and were divorced from the supervision of teachers. At the beginning, teachers always use stern text messages to urge them to finish their homework in time, but some students always ignore it, and their homework feedback remains the same. Using this online teaching, according to the characteristics of students’ personality and preferences, the author uses the way of sending different expression packages to supervise and manage students to write their homework, which has received unexpected results. Students generally reported that they were willing to accept the emoticon package, and their learning enthusiasm was significantly improved. All of them could complete their homework on time and in accordance with the quantity. For example, once, Wang did not hand in his homework on time. Seeing this situation, the author sent him a “wait, online, etc.” small expression bag to test his reaction. After a while did not get a reply, the author gave him a breath sent three “tearful” expression package. Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about it With three embarrassed expression bags. As an old teacher, I was surprised that the students responded so quickly and sincerely. The incident of < / P > < p > makes the author realize that students are used to seeing the teacher’s stern face, but they didn’t expect to see the expression bag with rich expression. It is more likely that the lovely expression package touched his heartstrings. The author decided to change his mind, in the future online teaching, more use a variety of different types of expression bag: when the homework is not timely feedback, no longer severe reprimand, but issued some “bow to ponder” expression bag; found that the homework has progress, will send a “praise” emoticon bag; occasionally when the homework is well completed, will also send a “Bang Bang Bang Da”, point 3 “small” Firecrackers; sometimes see students with a unique way of thinking to solve problems, will send a “surprise” expression package. After the change of communication methods, the author found that the students were improving every day. The small expression pack set up a bridge of smooth communication between teachers and students, and achieved twice the result with half the effort. As the German educationist didorhuis said, “the purpose of teaching is not to impart knowledge, but to inspire, awaken and inspire.” < / P > < p > there is a problem in online teaching, that is, there are always some students who can’t understand the learning content of the day for various reasons. I didn’t understand in class, so I made many mistakes in my homework. In the long run, after returning to school, the gap between children’s studies will be more and more big, which will bring great pressure to teachers’ teaching. According to the law of students’ psychological cognition, the knowledge generated by students themselves will be deeply remembered. The author tries to make a video of the process of demonstrating with teaching aids in class and send it to every student, so that students can have time to watch their study patiently. < / P > < p > for example, when talking about the application of the surface area of teaching cylinder, the author put the milk powder barrel on the table, and the demonstration occupied the area of the table, that is, the area of the bottom of the column. The wrapping paper was pasted on the milk powder barrel to demonstrate where the side area was, and the volume of the cylinder was demonstrated by using beverage bottles and plastic water pipes < / P > < p > the author will need to demonstrate the content into a short video, repeatedly check, but also guide students to use home materials to practice repeatedly. After a period of short video teaching, it is found that the teaching effect is obvious, even better than that of learning in the classroom. It is often said that we should teach students in accordance with their aptitude. In pedagogy, the “talent” of “teaching students according to their aptitude” mainly refers to students’ cognitive level, learning ability and their own quality. Through the short video teaching, the author thinks that we should expand its connotation and adopt different teaching methods according to the different teaching contents. Teachers can use different props to demonstrate repeatedly to deepen students’ understanding, deepen their understanding, teach students in accordance with local conditions and aptitude, and create a new teaching mode together with teachers and students. < / P > < p > students are about to return to their familiar classroom. In my opinion, small incision is to extend online teaching experience to offline teaching. Online flexible way and offline teacher-student interaction can open up the depth of teaching and become a good way to consolidate teaching achievements and organize teaching grid. < / P > < p > for example, the key and difficult points of study and the analysis of homework are sent to QQ group every day, so that students can learn repeatedly. Some introverted, self-esteem students, encounter problems, often find their own way to solve, not willing to consult others. But some students’ self-study ability is limited, so they will accumulate a lot of problems. Teachers make use of the advantages of network privacy and strong autonomy, take the problems in their homework as common problems, upload them to the class learning group, let the whole class discuss together, those students who have not learned and are embarrassed to ask for advice and love face can participate in it, understand and master the knowledge points. This not only takes care of the self-esteem of these students, but also does not affect their learning effect, but also expands the time and space of education. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging