Investigation on online teaching platform for minors: still pushing bad information and teachers peddling courses

Some website platforms ignore social responsibility and repeatedly use online courses to promote online games and make friends, and even spread pornographic, violent and fraudulent information, endangering the physical and mental health of students, especially minors

in order to effectively solve the outstanding problems of online class platforms involving minors, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors, and promote the standardized and orderly development of online course platforms, the central network information office and the Ministry of education of the people’s Republic of China have made great efforts Launch a two-month special rectification of online class platforms involving minors

relevant regulatory authorities should clarify their functions and responsibilities, improve laws and regulations, implement precise law enforcement, joint law enforcement, and strengthen the supervision of network platforms and advertisers

the rule of law Daily reported on August 21, recently, in order to effectively solve the outstanding problems of online course platforms involving minors To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors, promote the standardized and orderly development of online course platforms. The central network information office and the Ministry of Education launched a two-month special rectification of online course platforms involving minors.

the special rectification will focus on the outstanding problems strongly reflected by netizens. For example, it is necessary to strengthen the ecological management around the web-based course pages. It is not allowed to appear the content that endangers the physical and mental health of minors; it is not allowed to use pop-up windows to induce and click on pages that are not suitable for minors; it is not allowed to push advertising information unrelated to learning; and it is not allowed to seek commercial interests by using the online course of public welfare nature.

during the special rectification period, what is the status quo of various kinds of website platforms for online classes involving minors? Recently, the reporter launched an investigation on this.

at present, the online class platforms commonly used by minors can be divided into two categories. One is the online cloud classroom teaching platform specially developed by the government or school, and the other is the online day developed by social networking sites. When a reporter logs in to an online class platform, the front page of the platform is divided into three parts, with dynamic public service advertisements at the top, such as “fighting the epidemic situation” “We are in action” and so on, introduced that the platform provides students with rich courses during the period of epidemic prevention and control, so that students can learn independently at home. In the middle is the timetable of the live course from grade 1 to grade 12. Click to enter the online course content of any grade. At the bottom are special teacher class, master class and so on.

during browsing, neither pop-up window nor advertising information unrelated to learning was seen. Subsequently, the reporter logged into another video website, and found no content unsuitable for teenagers to watch in the learning module; on another video website, some modules in the learning channel have been closed.

the reporter downloaded the software of an education and training institution. After opening the software, a notice on the special rectification of the network environment for minors in summer vacation appeared. Click the link at the bottom to view the rectification results. According to the publicity of the rectification results released by it, the bad contents in the animation animation, live broadcast, short video, forum and online learning on the platform have been checked and cleaned up, and 154 illegal avatars and 362 illegal nicknames have been handled. In addition, nearly 200000 sensitive information has been filtered out in live chat alone.

after the rectification of this online course platform, we also set up a telephone number and email address for minors to report bad content. A customer service teacher said that the courses with problems have been handled by relevant personnel. If other problems are found, they can also be contacted to register for handling.

in the process of logging in to some platforms with online course function, the reporter found that some online course platforms launched the children / youth mode after rectification. In the youth mode, all the content presented to users

part of the software directly added children / youth accounts through separate password settings under the youth mode, and the content browsed by the account was restricted. Some online courses platform youth mode also set “time lock” function, the software use time default is 40 minutes, a single day use time longer than the default time, you need to enter a function independent password to use.

the reporter downloaded some popular software with youth mode to try. After setting the password for the youth mode, these platforms will require users to fill in the date of birth of the child, and some platforms will also require users to fill in the gender. After setting up the account, the platform will provide some content categories for users to choose, and only after that can they formally use the software through the youth mode. There are also some platforms that do not need to set up youth accounts, but directly set passwords to control the opening of youth mode.

However, the reporter found that the only way to turn on and off the youth mode is to set the password separately. With the password mastered, the mobile phone holder can still turn on or off the youth mode at will. Some parents believe that this makes the youth model useless in the eyes of teenagers who have mastered the password.

according to the introduction of parents, the reporter downloaded and installed a popular social software. In one of the software settings, an independent password was set to open the youth mode of the software. Continue to operate, the reporter found that although it is unable to carry out the same routine operation as the ordinary account, the account set by this software in the youth mode can still be used to vote for each list, and can also receive news or information that has nothing to do with learning pushed by the platform.

Xiaojia, a middle school student in Dongcheng District of Beijing, told reporters: “the youth model can indeed filter out some bad information, but for me, it’s just for Aidou to vote.”

downloading software, registering an account, setting up and opening the youth mode by yourself are Xiaojia’s and some minors’ normal online life. According to Xiaojia’s guidance, the reporter registered a youth account on this online course platform. At the end of the interview, he received a news push from the platform, saying “××× was exposed to be cheating, and private photos flowed out”.

when Li Xuan was online, pop-up ads would pop up from the left side of the webpage from time to time, and the content of the ads was quite “rich”, including not only game advertisements, but also Shengfa advertisements.

Li Xuan described the general scene of the game advertisement to reporters: “either there are dragons and monsters on the stone brick road, or there are boars on the wasteland, and then one person holds a knife and cuts several times to” explode “a lot of excellent game equipment.”

Li Xuan is a little annoyed with this kind of exaggeration advertisement that often pops up, but he can’t completely prohibit the advertisement from popping up through the setting. For this reason, he specially changed another browser without advertisement. But the new browser will sometimes be stuck, and finally, Li Xuan had to change back to the original browser.

the reporter downloaded this browser software and found that after selecting the page of interest, the browser will push news and information according to the user’s interest, but even if the option of “entertainment” is avoided, the system will still push some “news” with prominent headlines.

Zhao Yuli, a middle school student in Xicheng District of Beijing, uses an online course platform to attend a training class. According to her, “this online class platform can open a camera and microphone, and the system will remind you when there is a class, and teachers can

in addition, Zhao Yu told reporters that there are some problems with the interactive messages on the school’s online class platform. “There’s going to be a bunch of bullshit in the comments section.” “For example, if a teacher asks a classmate to answer a question and that student answers the wrong answer, someone in the comment area will make fun of the wrong answer,” Zhao said

this made Zhao Yu very flustered when answering questions, because he was worried about the sarcasm of his classmates. Sometimes even if he knew the answer, he did not dare to answer easily. “Why does online class platform have no forbidden function?” Zhao Yu is very puzzled about this.

after school starts this autumn, Gao Tiantian will be in Grade 6. During this summer vacation, her parents signed up for Gao Tiantian in an educational institution. Gao Tiantian’s math class starts. The course lasts about two hours, with three breaks. During the break, in order to enhance children’s interest, the teacher will hold her pet cat in front of the live camera to interact with the students And sometimes recommend other courses on sale to students.

“teachers often recommend some classes.” Gao Tiantian is no stranger to this. And her mother, Ms. Wang, was disgusted with this. She told the reporter: “the teacher’s job is to teach. I’m very tired of recommending other courses on sale in class. What’s the difference between this and embedded advertising?” Focus