Invisible show off wealth? Actor Lu Yi aired a video, sharp eyed Netizens found clues

Recently, Lu Yi was drying out his home pet cat at micro-blog. In the video, two cats were lying down to eat. Lu Yi laughed in the voice over: look at these two lazy cats.

, sharp eyed netizens, look at this. They are not ordinary cats. They are covered with dark spots, like two leopards. They are purebred leopard cats. Netizens immediately said: 15 in case only, two 300000!

with the increasing variety of pet cats, many people are no longer satisfied with several common breeds. More wild shape, more like leopards, tigers and other large cats such as pet cats are sought after.

according to Wang Yiqiang, a distinguished lecturer at the school of agricultural and biological sciences of Shanghai Jiaotong University, the popular pet leopard cat is actually the offspring of the leopard cat after at least four generations of breeding. The non wild leopard cat is as gentle as the domestic cat. Don’t confuse it. This species has been recognized by the four major international cat associations.

TICA association thinks that there are hundreds of thousands of leopard cats registered by the association. The gene pool is large enough to avoid the problem of close relatives. The participation of wild leopard cats is no longer needed for normal breeding.

as a matter of fact, the online friends are also worried about this, which is why we suggest that we should buy from regular cat houses, so as to cut off illegal breeding and illegal trading.

Wang Yiqiang said that “title cats” who have won points and won corresponding titles in competitions often have a high price and may reach this value. But the average pet leopard cat will not have such a high price.

at present, the price of Bengal leopard cat in regular cat house is about RMB 15000-35000 for pet grade and over RMB 40000 for breeding grade.