Is autumn arthritis easy to attack? Pay attention to these four points to prevent the onset of arthritis

The morning and evening of autumn is a time when the temperature is relatively low, and arthritis patients are not allowed to suffer from cold wind, so to prevent arthritis, we must do a good job in the joint warm work sooner or later. For people with weak physique, clothes should be added in time when the weather is cold. Kneepads and wrist protectors can be used at the joints. Joints can not contact cold water, so it is easy to feel pain after being stimulated. < p > < p > in autumn, it is recommended to carry out some minor exercises, such as walking, jogging, etc. it is not recommended to overwork, and strenuous exercise is likely to cause joint damage. Before exercise, it is best to make relaxation preparation, so as not to hurt the joint in the process of exercise, so as to take appropriate joint preventive measures. Arthritis patients still need more rest, appropriate to climb mountains, stairs can enhance joint resistance, maintain joint function, reduce the number of attacks. < / P > < p > to strengthen the nutrition supplement, eat more foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, such as milk, eggs, bean products, etc., and eat more vegetables and fruits. In addition to calcium supplement, vitamin and trace elements, such as magnesium and zinc, should be supplemented. Daily intake of nutrition to balance the collocation, eat less food easy to cause fire. Go out more every day to bask in the sun, but avoid going out in the sun. Proper aerobic exercise is good for your health. < / P > < p > can not be in a dark and humid environment for a long time. If the humidity is too high in the humid environment, it is easy to cause arthritis to attack again. But the climate in autumn is relatively dry, just need to stay away from the basement and other places. If you have arthritis patients at home, you should pay special attention to using humidifier, and it is better not to use it. < / P > < p > there are many inducing factors of arthritis. Season change is only one of them. There are also environmental factors, weather factors and so on. Patients with arthritis need to find out their own reasons and do a good job of protection at ordinary times. Daily adhere to do joint exercise, diet to supplement calcium, vitamins and other nutrients, autumn to do a good job in the joint to keep warm, avoid the morning and evening low temperature of the weather to stimulate. And the environment around us refuses to be dark and humid. Pay attention to these, can reduce the possibility of disease, reduce the pain. 08/16/2020