Is birthmark a child’s “past life memory”? NO! It’s related to these behaviors of pregnant mothers. Have you ever done it

Therefore, his family will greet him with excitement. Neighbors and relatives and friends also came to celebrate, they would praise the child’s beauty, and chubby body. The old people often say that birthmarks have a great future because they are “memories of previous lives”. But Bao’s father and mother think more about whether birthmarks will accompany their children’s life. < / P > < p > if the birthmark is on the body or some private parts, it’s OK. After all, you can’t see it when you wear clothes. But if the birthmark in the neck or face, it will affect the child’s appearance. < p > < p > Wen Jie was 10 months pregnant and finally entered the delivery room. Her fetal position was very good. After several hours of hard work, she finally gave birth to a seven Jin boy. < / P > < p > the child is born with dark hair and loud crying voice. The doctor also has a high score on the overall situation of the baby. But when she held it to Wenjie, she saw a piece of black and blue on the baby’s buttocks. < p > < p > Wen Jie asked the doctor what happened to this black green. Was it caused by extrusion during natural labor? The doctor answered her humorously: “it’s because the baby is in a hurry to reincarnate, and he kicked him in the butt. Don’t worry. These birthmarks will fade in the process of growing up slowly.” < / P > < p > it seems that doctors are used to black birthmarks, so how do these marks come from newborn babies? Is it really like the doctor said that Yama kicked him? This statement must be groundless. < / P > < p > If a baby has a black birthmark, it usually belongs to pigmented nevus. It is the baby in the process of growth, by the role of external forces, capillary rupture or pigment precipitation caused. This kind of black birthmark is formed by black spots and is difficult to disappear automatically. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the observation, once the baby’s growth process, this kind of birthmark has the sign of sudden enlargement, should take the child to the hospital in time, vigilance has the disease. < / P > < p > < p > although we can see them one by one from a distance, it is very worrying. In fact, with the growth of age, it will automatically disappear. Parents should not worry too much and do not need to take their children to treatment. < / P > < p > in addition to black and red birthmarks, the baby will also have a kind of orange brown birthmark, which is very likely to be hemangioma or neurofibroma. Parents must pay more attention to it. < / P > < p > no matter what color the birthmark is, parents do not want to find it in their children, so how can we avoid this situation? This requires pregnant mothers to avoid these things during pregnancy. It’s natural for women to love beauty. Especially now, there are so many kinds of cosmetics that women can spend a lot of money on their faces. But the cosmetics industry has good and bad, in order to enhance the whitening effect, which contains a lot of harmful substances. < / P > < p > the fetus itself depends on the protection of the mother, and their metabolic capacity is poor. If these harmful substances enter the body and cannot be discharged, it is likely to form a birthmark and keep it on the baby. < / P > < p > most pregnant women will become pandas at home and will be protected immediately. But there are still some professional women, because of the need of work, they still have to go to and from work on time even if they are pregnant. < p > < p > researchers in the United States have found that during pregnancy, if a mother to be accidentally bumps her stomach and touches her baby’s capillaries, it is likely to cause birthmarks on her baby. < p > < p > therefore, we should remind all treasure mothers that they must protect themselves and their children’s safety during pregnancy, minimize going out, and do not do heavy physical work at home. < / P > < p > for those women in the workplace, for their own safety and the safety of their babies, they should stay away from jobs with large radiation, so as to give birth to a healthy and healthy baby. Children are not only the future of the family, but also the heart of their parents. For the sake of the baby’s appearance, and also for the baby to have a good body, the mother must pay attention to these things at ordinary times. Pets