Is bullying the nickname of students in Japan? Netizens have different opinions

According to the data released by the Ministry of education, culture, science and technology of Japan, the number of campus bullying cases in 2019 is as high as 612000, which is the highest in history and has aroused widespread concern of the society. In order to reduce campus bullying, the school has taken various measures, but the effect is not good. Among them, a primary school in Ibaraki County issued a regulation of “restricting the use of nicknames”, which caused heated discussion on the Internet, stipulating that it is not allowed to call other people’s nicknames and to use honorific terms to address others. Many netizens have different opinions on this regulation. According to on the 4th, most of those who agree with this rule think that being nicknamed excessively is a kind of bullying, and banning nicknames is a solution. Some netizens believe that the use of honorific terms can calm people down and effectively reduce the probability of quarrels with people. However, those who oppose it question that the regulation is meaningless. Others said that they were looking forward to calling each other nicknames, and they felt very disappointed when they heard the regulation. Xiangzi Nakagawa, an artist, has been rejected from school by excessive nicknames. She believes that the fault lies not in nicknames, but in those who use nicknames to hurt others. When teachers deal with bullying, teachers should depend on the specific situation. Nicknames are not equal to bullying. Pets