Is cancer incurable? If these high-risk cancers can be detected early, the cure rate is also considerable

Cancer, in everyone’s eyes, is the “invitation card” sent by the God of death. No matter how much money is spent and what kind of treatment is used, the patient will eventually die, and the family members will have to face the end of “money and money”.

the mortality rate of cancer is indeed high, especially for advanced cancer. Even if treatment can prolong the life of patients, it is almost impossible to remove cancer cells from the body, and patients will eventually die.

However, if cancer can be detected early and treated professionally, the survival period of patients will not only be prolonged, but also reach the standard of clinical cure!

1. Gastric cancer: Asia is a high incidence area of gastric cancer, and the incidence rate of gastric cancer in China has always been high, and the proportion of young people suffering from gastric cancer has also shown an increasing trend. 15% of the patients are young people under 40 years old.

according to the clinical data, if gastric cancer can be found in the early stage, radical surgery and late chemotherapy, the survival rate of patients can reach more than 90% within five years!

2. Lung cancer: the incidence and mortality of lung cancer are ranked first. Most patients are diagnosed with advanced lung cancer only when they have obvious symptoms, so the overall survival rate of lung cancer is not high.

However, in recent years, low-dose spiral CT scanning of chest has been launched in clinic, which is easier to detect early lung cancer. For high-risk groups of lung cancer, this examination can be carried out regularly. If it can be found and treated in time, the 5-year survival rate of patients can reach more than 50%;

3. Thyroid cancer: thyroid cancer is known as “lazy cancer” in clinical practice Because compared with other types of cancer, thyroid cancer is not highly malignant and will not have metastasis and infiltration for a long time after the onset of the disease, so it is also the cancer with the highest clinical cure rate, and the survival rate within five years can reach more than 90%;

4. Breast cancer: early breast cancer is found and treated, and the cure rate can reach more than 95%. Even if the breast cancer develops to the stage of invasion and non metastasis, after scientific treatment, the survival rate of patients is relatively high.

therefore, at ordinary times, women should pay attention to breast health, especially those with family history of breast cancer and painless breast mass, and should actively conduct comprehensive breast screening;

5. Colorectal cancer: in most cases, the incidence of colorectal cancer is related to adenomatous polyposis. If it is canceration of the top of polyps, the 5-year survival rate can reach more than 80% after removal and treatment.

at present, the best clinical screening method for colorectal cancer is “colonoscopy”. Patients with family history of colorectal cancer, adenomatous family history and polyposis are all high-risk groups of colorectal cancer and should be examined regularly by colonoscopy;

6. Cervical cancer: cervical cancer is a preventable and controllable disease. If cervical cancer can be detected early, the survival rate of patients within 10 years can reach 94% Go! Moreover, at present, China has also launched a “HPV vaccine” to prevent cervical cancer. After being injected with this kind of vaccine, the risk of high-risk HPV infection can be reduced, so as to prevent cervical cancer.

therefore, cancer is not equal to death. As long as we can pay attention to our health and actively carry out regular physical examination, we can find potential problems in the body as soon as possible and deal with them as soon as possible.

especially for people with family history of cancer, cancer prevention screening should be carried out regularly for high-risk sites. Even in the advanced stage of cancer, patients can not lose confidence. Scientific treatment can not only alleviate the pain, but also prolong their life. As long as they live, everything is hopeful!