Is fascial gun an IQ tax?

Recently, some students have always asked, I heard that fascia gun can relax muscles and want to buy one. Is fascial gun an IQ tax? Can you please give me some suggestions on purchasing and using? < / P > < p > whether a tool is an IQ tax depends on whether it has the effect of publicity. From the perspective of relaxation, fascial gun is not charged with IQ tax, but if you buy it for partial weight loss, it will pay IQ tax. The function of the

fascia gun is similar to that of the foam shaft, or to the massage shop, which is to stimulate the deep muscles through physical means. The fascial gun drives the muscles to move passively and warm up through the high frequency vibration of the massage head, so as to relax and relax the muscles and fascia. The full name of fascial gun is muscle fascia relaxation massage gun. Fascia is a membranous tissue that envelops muscle fibers, muscle bundles and even the whole muscle. Both muscle and fascia participate in the exertion of muscle strength. However, poor posture, over training, insufficient rest and insufficient nutrition will lead to the adhesion of fascia, the decrease of muscle elasticity, and even the formation of fascial pain points, that is, when you go to massage, press the point of special pain.

, for example, the foam shaft often needs to be massaged by the weight of the body or need a specific posture to perform. However, the use of fasciae guns is limited, especially for some parts of the muscle, because the foam shaft is too large to be placed in the right place.

, for example, there are many people with round shoulders and chest. In fact, they are too tight in the pectoralis minor. It is necessary to relax the pectoralis minor in improving the round shoulders and chest. However, the position of pectoralis minor muscle is almost impossible to place on the ground with foam shaft, and the fascia gun can massage this muscle better.

for those who have strong exercise and high exercise frequency, the fascia gun will make people feel more convenient. After every exercise, it will be a little trouble to relax with foam shaft. The fascia gun can also help warm up before exercise. < / P > < p > if conditions permit, it is recommended to purchase a thousand yuan fascial gun. For this grade of fascial gun, the motor is generally imported brushless motor, intelligent control AI chip, and imported long-term lithium battery. The motor power of such fascial gun is stronger, and the massage relaxation effect is better. < / P > < p > some fascial guns of 100 yuan level use brush motor, which not only lacks power, but also has poor noise and heat dissipation treatment, and poor use experience. < / P > < p > noise and weight are related to the use experience. It is suggested to choose about 1kg fascia gun; the noise of good fascia gun is usually about 30-45 dB. < / P > < p > finally, I recommend the use of fascia gun: first install a massage head with large contact area, and slowly slide the fascia gun along the muscle fiber lines. In this process, search for the pain points. At the beginning, use the low gear, and gradually adjust to the higher gear. The pain of the trigger point can reach 6-7 points. < / P > < p > sometimes the pain point will be deep, which can’t be found with a large massage head. At this time, you can change to a massage head with a small contact area, which can stimulate deeper muscles. Use the same method to find the pain points. The gear should be low first and then high. Slide each part for 2-5 minutes, and the pain area can stay longer. < / P > < p > first of all, if you use a fascia gun to relax the anterior and posterior muscles of the neck, there are many blood vessels and nerves, which may cause instability of the cervical spine and even cause dizziness. < / P > < p > the fascial gun should not be used directly in the bone protuberance, such as cervical vertebra, thoracic vertebra, scapular ridge, calf bone, etc. it is better not to use the fascia gun to relax the ribs on both sides. There is no muscle around these bones, so it is easy to damage the bones themselves if they are directly relaxed. < p > < p > the groin should not be released by fascia gun. The inguinal lymph and ligament are relatively fragile. If the fascia gun is used, the inguinal injury may be caused. There are acute period do not use fascia gun, such as just sprained ankle or bent back to flash to the lumbar spine and other situations, use fascia gun because it is likely to aggravate swelling. Pets