Is gastric cancer “dragged out”? The body appears 4 “small problems”, the earlier the treatment, the better!

In the outpatient room, patients with newly diagnosed gastric cancer often panic and ask doctors why they have developed so fast at the end of the disease. Doctors patiently explain that cancer can not be achieved overnight.

the development of stomach from normal state to cancer is a process of gradual evolution. In some cases, there is no obvious signal. It is one-sided and unscientific to think that there is no cancer if the body is asymptomatic.

the discomfort of patients with early gastric cancer is not obvious. Occasionally, they feel full, accompanied by poor appetite, acid reflux and nausea. Some patients gradually feel eating disorders.

at this time, the patient will repeatedly suffer from indigestion and non absorption. Dragging out will only make the situation worse. It is necessary to go to the hospital for gastroscopy in time.

during the illness, patients will lose weight quickly, their weight and appetite will continue to decrease, and their mental state will go from bad to worse. Family members and patients should pay attention to the condition in time.

at the beginning, it is only a few times, usually after a long period of not eating or eating a lot. It belongs to a kind of paroxysmal abdominal pain. At first, the pain is relatively mild and can be tolerated by patients, but the condition will continue to deteriorate.

many patients with gastric cancer have a long history of gastritis, and gastritis is also classified according to different symptoms. One is superficial gastritis. In this way, the inflammation is not serious and usually does not evolve into gastritis.

and another kind of atrophic gastritis is frightening. Once it is infected, it will lead to continuous atrophy of the stomach and affect normal functions. We need to pay enough attention to it and do not delay it again and again.

some patients suddenly have hematemesis of unknown causes in their daily life, and some people find that the color of their stools turns black when they excrete, but the patients do not take it seriously at that time.

if the tumor destroys the small blood vessels, the patient’s stool will be blackened with blood for a long time, and the appearance looks like tar, which belongs to an indication of early gastric cancer.

in fact, to sum up, gastric cancer is not a single sudden disease. At the beginning, the normal cells in the stomach have pathological changes, until the human body presents some obvious external manifestations of the disease, which is not achieved overnight. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!