Is gastric ulcer a small problem, need not treat? There are four manifestations after meal, which may have been delayed into cancer for a long time

It is also because there are more choices of food, people’s eating time is not regular, even in the midnight, three or four o’clock in the morning, there are still people brush takeout, ready to start the night life.

because of such eating habits, more and more people suffer from stomach diseases, such as gastric ulcer. However, most people think that gastric ulcer is only a minor problem, and it does not cause any great damage to the body, so there is no need to go to the hospital for treatment.

normal people don’t feel abnormal when they eat. If they have an uncomfortable reaction of stomachache just after eating, your stomach may have been damaged, and you may be infected with gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases.

some people will have diarrhea after eating. They think that this is a normal digestive performance. In fact, this situation has indicated that your stomach function is decreased.

the digestion time of normal people’s stomach is between 2-4 hours. If diarrhea occurs immediately after meals, it indicates that the gastrointestinal function is disordered and the food can not be metabolized normally.

the so-called acid regurgitation refers to abnormal gastric acid secretion, even in the esophagus, causing physical discomfort. The common symptoms are constant burping and heartburn.

as soon as food enters the stomach, the stomach starts to work continuously, distinguishing nutrients from residues, and then it is transported to the intestine for the next round of processing.

for a long time, the food accumulated in the stomach will ferment and corrupt, thus producing a bad smell, and then with the respiratory tract flowing out of the mouth, it will form halitosis.

a large number of data also show that the clinical staff with stomach disease or gastric cancer have halitosis. We should not underestimate the phenomenon of halitosis after meals, so as to avoid the deterioration of gastric disease into gastric cancer.

we should pay attention to the above four kinds of symptoms after meals. When we find that the body already has such “small diseases” as gastric ulcer, we should not ignore them. We should regularly go to the regular hospital for gastroscopy.

for middle-aged people over 40 years old, it is recommended to have gastroscopy once a year, which is an effective method to protect gastric health and to detect gastric cancer in time.

as long as we attach importance to stomach diseases, improve the awareness of cancer prevention, and achieve timely prevention, timely detection and timely treatment, we have largely prevented the destruction of gastric cancer on our body. 08/16/2020