Is it a man’s treasure or a woman’s treasure? Pregnancy check-up B-ultrasound, the doctor’s small code has deep meaning, pregnant mother to understand

After pregnancy, the growth of the baby in the womb is the focus of attention of the whole family. Timely delivery examination and taking care of the pregnant mother affect the family’s heart. In addition, the baby’s gender is also the expectation of the whole family. < / P > < p > we can pay attention to the baby’s development through B-ultrasound, but the baby’s gender is like scraping lottery tickets. With the progress of society, people’s thoughts are further enlightened, and the concept of “valuing men over women” is gradually abandoned by the public. But after pregnancy, the family will inevitably guess the baby’s gender, in order to facilitate the purchase of the correct baby supplies. At this time, many people want to judge men and women through B-ultrasound, but in order to protect the population balance, it is forbidden to disclose gender by B-ultrasound. In fact, the doctor’s “little code” has profound meaning when doing B-ultrasound examination. It will be helpful for pregnant mother to pay attention to it. Xiaomei’s first child was a boy, and she was very nervous when she had her second child. She was afraid that another boy would increase the burden, so she always worried about the baby’s gender. During the birth examination, Xiaomei found a relative working in the hospital and wanted to have a relationship with the baby’s gender. After getting to know her idea, her relatives gave her some ideological education, but later she said something that made Xiaomei puzzled: “Er Bao is very honest, which is not the same as when you were pregnant with Dabao.” Later, Xiaomei gave birth to a girl just to wake up. It turned out that her relatives were hinting at her when she was doing the examination. It is illegal for a doctor to disclose the sex of the fetus to the pregnant woman directly when doing B-ultrasound. However, some of the doctor’s words during the pregnancy examination are likely to be some small signals that pregnant mothers should understand. < / P > < p > some doctors will quietly tell pregnant mothers that the baby is beautiful, like mother, or very handsome, like father and so on. If the relationship between the pregnant mother and the doctor is good, we should consider whether the doctor is suggesting the baby’s gender. Generally speaking, doctors say that boys are more likely to be boys if their mothers are girls and fathers are like them. < / P > < p > during the birth examination, if the doctor tells you that the baby is very strong, he may be suggesting that it is a boy. If Dabao accompanied the physical examination, the doctor said that it was more likely to be like his brother. On the other hand, if the baby is quiet, like a sister, it is necessary to consider a girl. < / P > < p > as we all know, boys are CCB and girls are CMB. When boys grow up, it is expensive to buy a house and marry a daughter-in-law. Therefore, the family pressure of having a boy is greater. Sometimes, the doctor may accidentally say: “the baby is very healthy”, if you add a “later to make money”, this kind of code, pregnant mother should understand. < p > < p > the state does not allow the disclosure of the baby’s gender through B-ultrasound, so it is very difficult for the doctor to ask the pregnant mother directly. The B-mode ultrasound is not an accurate method to check the baby’s health. < / P > < p > boys and girls are the most precious gifts given to their parents by God and should not be treated differently. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should focus on their own and baby’s health, keep good living habits, and the baby can be more healthy and intelligent. We should also adjust our emotions, have a happy mood, create a healthy growth environment for the baby, and the family should also give more care to the pregnant mother to meet the arrival of new life together. PARRENT&CHILDREN