Is it a normal phenomenon to “pull Baba” while giving birth to a baby? Embarrassment to embarrassment, maternal do not control

When it comes to giving birth to children, many women will feel afraid, and those who have given birth to Baoma do not want to recall, because the process of giving birth is particularly painful.

apart from the pain, the parturient may also experience some embarrassing things, such as “fecal incontinence”. It is indeed very embarrassing to face strange doctors and nurses, but this is a very normal phenomenon. Most of the parturient women will have fecal incontinence when giving birth.

one of my colleagues, Yang Yang, is a post-90s generation. He is very beautiful and quiet. After five months of marriage with her husband, she got pregnant and had a baby last month.

two days ago, I went to the maternity store to buy some baby clothes and nutrition products, and then went to her home to see her. Yang Yang recovered very well, and the whole popularity color was particularly good.

“are you in natural labor Seeing her state, I’m sure she wasn’t caesarean section. Yangyang said, “it’s a natural birth. It took 4 hours to give birth to Baobao. It’s very painful.”

I said to her, “natural childbirth is more beneficial than cesarean section, but it is faster to recover, less harmful to the body and a lot of benefits to the baby.”

it turned out that the process of Yang Yang’s natural labor was not particularly smooth. It may be because she was relatively thin and weak, and she was unable to give birth to the baby. At that time, she was already exhausted.

the doctor asked her to rest for a while and then work again. In the process of exerting strength, Yang Yang suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. She said to the doctor, “I want to go to the toilet. I feel I can’t hold on to it.”

no one went to the bathroom during childbirth. The doctor resolutely rejected her and told her not to care so much and not to control. We would not dislike her.

in the end, Yang Yang became incontinent and the baby was born soon. She could breathe a sigh of relief, but she didn’t dare to look into the eyes of doctors and nurses. It was a shame just now.

in fact, it is a very normal phenomenon to pull Baba during childbirth. Doctors and nurses have already seen it and will not be bored or nauseous. Mothers should not think too much about it.

after the baby starts, it will “enter the basin”, slowly adjust its position, and its head will face down, ready to be born at any time. In this process, the baby will oppress the rectum of the pregnant woman. As the fetus continues to go down, the more serious the pressure on the rectum of the pregnant woman will be. If there is no stool before delivery, the baby will not be able to hold it in childbirth, which will lead to fecal incontinence.

many mothers can’t give birth to their babies smoothly. Although there are pains and finger opening, they still can’t reach the standard of natural labor. At this time, doctors will supplement prostaglandins to the lying in women so that they can give birth quickly.

after the supplement of prostaglandin, the intestinal peristalsis will be accelerated, so the maternal will have the feeling of wanting to defecate, especially when labor needs to be forced, so the feeling of wanting to defecate will be more obvious, and it is easy to have fecal incontinence.

it’s normal to feel like defecation during childbirth. Many Baoma mothers who have given birth to children have experienced it, and doctors will not mind, because doctors deliver babies for many mothers every month, which is often the case.

when this happens, the puerpera should not control it. Don’t be afraid that the doctor and nurse will be disgusted by her own fecal incontinence, and do not worry that the stool will dirty the hands of doctors and nurses. Otherwise, it is not good for delivery.

mothers should not hold back or bear it, but let it go. They should pay full attention to giving birth to a baby and actively cooperate with doctors and nurses to give birth to babies quickly.

during pregnancy, pregnant women can read more books about childbirth, understand what embarrassing things may happen during childbirth, and make full psychological preparation. In this way, even if she has a baby, she won’t feel particularly embarrassed and can give birth to the baby more quickly.

before delivery, mothers should eat some light food. If it is a cesarean section, they need to fast, and at the same time, they should also keep full rest. Before delivery, they should go to the toilet. After doing so, even if they feel like defecation during childbirth, there will be no incontinence.

in a word, there may be a lot of embarrassing things in the process of childbirth. Fecal incontinence is one of them. In this case, the puerpera should not control it, but cooperate with the doctor to give birth to the baby as soon as possible.

I am a sweet orange mother, a mother of a two-year-old baby. I often share my original articles with you. I hope this article can enlighten you. If you want to know more about parenting, you can continue to pay attention to the content I published.