Is it a shame for employees to bring meals to work every day? Why?

I have been in the enterprise for many years, and I see many employees bring lunch at noon. To this end, the enterprise also equipped with microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. for employees to use. At first, the enterprise had its own canteen, but the staff were hard to adjust. In the end, they had to close the canteen and distribute lunch subsidies every month. The employees could only go to the surrounding restaurants to eat. In fact, you can bring your own food or go out to eat every day, but different people have different choices. It’s not a shame to bring your own meals every day, and there are many benefits.

first, we can save money. At present, it costs at least 20-25 yuan to have a meal at noon, while a few years ago, it only cost 11-15 yuan for lunch. The price rises too fast, and ordinary white-collar workers feel that they can’t afford it. It really costs a lot of money in a month. This is a lot of money for white-collar office workers in the first and second tier cities. Moreover, the money saved from eating can be used to improve the quality of life at ordinary times. In short, do not underestimate such a sum of money, accumulated over time will have a large number. At the same time, bring your own lunch every day, which can cultivate the habit of white-collar workers to get up early, and also exercise everyone’s life skills.

second, bring your own lunch, you can eat more healthily. Eating takeaway all year round, in addition to fat and acne, no nutrition, health issues are also the key. Many of the food that has been sent has not passed the safety test. When there is something wrong with the body, it is too late to regret. Now there are a small number of unscrupulous businessmen in order to make profits, where will you take care of your health problems. In addition to saving costs, you can also take care of your own health. After all, “health is the capital of revolution”. In order to be healthy, bringing meals to work can be profitable without any harm.

third, bring your own lunch. You can supplement nutrition according to your physical condition. Once upon a time, I had a colleague, Zhao Gong, who was in charge of technology. Unfortunately, he suffered from diabetes. Zhao Gong’s wife cooked him low-fat, low-fat, low-salt meals every day. Moreover, Zhao took medicine on time every day, and his diabetes was controlled. In addition, Xiaoquan, a staff member at the front desk, was pregnant, but her constitution was weak. Her husband made a nutritional lunch for her every day according to the doctor’s attention, which could timely supplement the pregnant women with nutrition and calcium. Therefore, some staff groups are not suitable for food outside and can only bring their own lunch. This kind of thing often happens.

fourth, cooking by yourself has the interest of life and will enjoy the fun of life. My colleague, Lao Zhang, is a foreign trade export. In order to live, he has a lot of work pressure. But the happiest thing about Lao Zhang is that his wife makes lunch for him every day. Lao Zhang told me that if you feel pressure at work, you can try to slow down and eat your favorite food, which will reduce the pressure a lot. Lao Zhang’s wife made a lion’s head lunch for him today, and a braised pork and egg lunch for him tomorrow, which made the whole office smell delicious, and his colleagues envied him very much. Therefore, it is not a shame to bring food to work every day. Instead, it is the envy of others.

Nowadays, many young people order takeout or go out to eat mainly because they can’t cook, or feel that cooking a meal will waste too much time. However, some people choose to take their own meals to work, which can not only save more and more food costs, but also eat very healthy. Some people make meals according to their own physical conditions, which is also normal. Some people regard the lunch made by their families as an interest in life and a means to relieve pressure. In a word, it’s not a shame to bring your own lunch. Even if you think that the price is high, it’s not a shame to save your lunch.