Is it better to have a natural birth or a caesarean section

Some people say, I am afraid of pain, I choose caesarean section. So, is Caesarean section completely painless? Of course, the answer is No. people who have not experienced it will feel that cesarean section can reduce pain and the delivery will be more smooth. In fact, whether it is natural or cesarean section, are very hard, there will be pain. Moreover, there will be more problems after caesarean section.

some people say that cesarean section is very simple. After taking anesthetic, you can have a sleep. In fact, the process of cesarean section is not easy. Some people compare the pregnant women with cesarean section to peeling onions, because during the operation, doctors have to cut eight layers of belly, just like peeling onions, to “peel” the pregnant woman’s belly layer by layer before taking out the baby. The whole operation process includes: disinfection anesthesia, abdominal incision to find the uterus, take out the fetus, cut the umbilical cord, suture knife edge. Every process is a challenge to the body. Even after anesthesia, the pain still exists.

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the body has its own principles, which can protect internal organs, regulate sweat and remove turbidity, and at the same time, it can also adhere to the vitality. The operation needs to be cut. Once the incision is opened, the vitality will also leak out. And the operation needs anesthesia, anesthesia makes Qi and blood loss, channels and collaterals are not smooth, although can temporarily pain, but also damage the healthy qi. Many people’s mental and physical strength are in a state of fatigue after operation, which is related to the injury and damage of vitality.

two months after caesarean section, someone is still panting and has no strength all over, and his body recovers slowly. What’s going on? According to traditional Chinese medicine, anesthesia can injure Yang; operation can damage Qi and blood, and can retain blood stasis. Western medicine believes that: cesarean section in the process of knife edge recovery to prevent fat liquefaction and infection, if it happens, need to sew the wound open after treatment, very painful; local wound will appear scar hyperplasia, uterine adhesions and other sequelae.

in addition to the above, there may be some new problems in the fetus and puerpera after cesarean section, including the following: first, massive hemorrhage during operation, which is very troublesome; second, the high incidence of thrombosis after surgery, which threatens the life and health of the maternal; third, the resistance of the baby born by caesarean section is weaker than that of the natural birth; fourth, the respiratory system function of the newborn with cesarean section is easy to change Often.

from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, childbirth should be natural. If you have to, you can consider caesarean section. At present, we over publicize caesarean section. In addition to the hospital’s desire to make more profits, many mothers are also willing to choose caesarean section. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, this is contrary to the law of heaven and earth.

heaven and earth create human beings, and the design process is to let the fetus squeeze out of the birth canal. In my opinion, everything is the best arrangement of heaven and earth. The same is true of strangers. If we omit the process of fetal extrusion, it seems to be more convenient on the surface, but it is contrary to the law of heaven and earth.

in fact, cesarean section is an operation, which will bring damage to the maternal. For example, anesthesia accident, intraoperative or postoperative bleeding, bladder, ureter, intestinal tube injury, postoperative infection such as peritonitis, septicemia, etc. Cesarean section postpartum hemorrhage rate is higher, puerperal infection rate is 10-20 times of natural birth, maternal mortality rate is 5 times of natural birth.

first, the pressure caused by strong uterine contraction during childbirth can force the fetus to prepare for life outside the uterus. We know that the fetus gets oxygen from the mother through the umbilical cord in the uterus. His lungs do not take on the task of breathing, and there is still a small amount of aspirated amniotic fluid in the lungs. During delivery through the birth canal, due to the pressure of the uterus, the fetus will secrete a large number of hormones and other compounds, which can promote the fluid in the fetal lung to be absorbed by itself, and make the fetal lung easier to inflate and expand, which creates a very favorable condition for the spontaneous breathing immediately after birth.

secondly, the secretion of the above hormones and compounds can also keep the fetus after birth in a quiet and alert mental state, which is not available in cesarean section.

third, the contraction of the uterus and the driving force of the mother’s labor force in the process of childbirth, against the resistance of the mother’s birth canal, can squeeze out the mucus in the fetal nasal cavity and oral cavity, and prevent the fetus from being inhaled into the lung when the fetus begins to breathe. At the same time, in the birth canal delivery, the fetal head will be compressed, which has a stimulating effect on its respiratory center, make it “wake up”, and help the fetus start breathing and crying immediately after birth. These experiences and benefits are also not available to infants undergoing cesarean section.

for the puerpera, natural labor has less damage and less bleeding, can get out of bed on the day of production, recover faster, and avoid the infection and other postpartum complications caused by uterine cavity operation.

first, the lung department breathes, controls the Qi, and the lung governs the festival. When the fetus is born, the chest cavity is compressed, which is equivalent to strengthening the function of the lung, so that the lung can better play the role of breathing, controlling Qi and treating the disease.

take the governing festival as an example: the “Festival” here refers to the solar term. The human body has positive Qi, which can make the body adapt to the changes of external temperature. For example, if we occasionally blow a little wind or get a little cold, we won’t get sick because we have enough healthy qi. But some people have a cold when they blow the air conditioner, or get sick when the seasons change. This is the reaction of insufficient positive Qi. To be specific, the lung governs Qi and governs the festival. When the Qi of heaven and earth changes dramatically, the key to prevent the human body from getting sick is the lung.

life and death are switched by the lung. Fetal delivery landing, lung work, will cry. Crying is actually the opening of the lung, which means the beginning of life. When a person dies, he breathes out his last breath and no longer inhales. When his life is over, his lung will be broken.

so the lung is very important to life, because life and death are controlled by the lung. Fetal extrusion through the birth canal, in fact, is to let the lung better host the vitality.

with regard to the issue of giving birth to children, everyone is willing to choose natural childbirth, because natural childbirth is good for both the fetus and the puerpera. If you can have a natural birth, you must not choose cesarean section. If the pregnant woman’s constitution is good, the birth canal and fetal position are normal, and the fetus is not too big, that is to say, the pre natal examination confirms that all aspects of the conditions for the delivery of the pregnant woman are good, then, the pregnant woman had better choose natural childbirth, by the birth canal delivery. Because this is a natural way of delivery, especially to promote fetal respiratory function is very good. CUISINE&HEALTH