Is it really difficult to treat a dog after suffering from a fatal disease? What are the misunderstandings?

After raising a dog, the most frightening thing is to see them sick, especially when the excrement removal officer hears that the dog is suffering from a serious disease such as small and canine distemper. But in fact, there are many misunderstandings about these major diseases. Today, veterinarian Xiaoming said to you.

parvovirus and canine distemper are both highly infectious and fatal diseases. Once the disease occurs, the virus will quickly invade the dog’s body, damage many organs of the dog, and eventually lead to their death.

although small and canine distemper are coming, it does not mean that the dog is out of medicine. If the excrement removal officer can find out in time, the line% can be used properly in the initial stage.

but the treatment of canine distemper is more complicated than that of small. Because the course of canine distemper is relatively long, it may cause irreversible damage to the nervous system of dogs.

when a dog has such a serious disease, the first reaction is that the cost of treatment must be very high, but it is not so expensive. Doctors are the same in terms of medication, but the size of the dog is different, the dosage will be more or less.

small treatment price usually can be settled in 1 or 2000. If you encounter the treatment cost of tens of thousands of yuan, you must have met the black heart hospital. And canine distemper because the treatment is more complex, so the price will be higher than small.

people often say on the Internet that they have cured small dogs at home. It’s hard for us to investigate the authenticity. But veterinarian Xiao Ming wants to say that the probability is only about 1 / 100, and it is possible that their dogs are not small at all.

small is a gastrointestinal problem, which needs to be cut off during treatment. Dogs also need fluid therapy, which can’t be done at home. Therefore, the best way is to send for medical treatment!

diseases like cancer and pancreatitis, which usually occur in humans, can also be found in dogs. The reason why we used to be very rare was that the pet medical technology at that time was not enough to detect these diseases.

it’s possible that the dog has passed away before the dog’s abnormality is discovered. Therefore, veterinarian Xiao Ming has been emphasizing the importance of physical examination with the excrement removal officer, especially the elderly dogs, who are more likely to have cancer.