Is it sexism to distinguish male and female teaching aids? East China Normal University Press response

Recently, East China Normal University published a book called. Because it is divided into “gimmicks” by gender, it is questioned by netizens.

Based on big data analysis, this series divides the learning of junior high school mathematics knowledge points into different levels of difficulty, designs the display, analysis and advanced variation of examples at different levels, and plans to make male and female students play their respective advantages, help them find out the weak links in mathematics learning according to the actual situation, and find a breakthrough for their learning progress.

Zhu Yan, Ph.D. from the school of teacher education of East China Normal University, who cooperates with the textbook, said in the theme report that boys have obvious advantages in high-end mathematics learning. But in the ordinary difficulty study, each has its own merits. But for different learning modules, the gender differences between boys and girls are obvious.

corresponds to this statement. The headline of the publisher’s official account has used one of the parents’ original words: “my daughter is good at math. Buy a boy’s edition.”

although the article reminds us, “does it mean that the blue version is more difficult and the red version is simpler? In fact, this is not the case. The overall difficulty should be about the same, but the contents of some chapters are different. ”

what makes netizens even more worried is whether this will lead to more difficult to change stereotypes among children, parents, schools and society, thus affecting the healthy development of children.

some netizens said that, to a certain extent, this classification is relatively “novel”, which may stimulate some students’ enthusiasm for learning mathematics.

a parent, who did not want to be named, told the reporter that her daughter was already a little “scared” about mathematics, and whether this would aggravate this emotion. “If so, would she think that the girl version is easier and more suitable for me? Am I born to be worse than boys in math? ”

at 6:47 last night, East China Normal University Press released a micro blog: due to the controversy caused by the recently published books, it is decided that the set of books will be terminated and no longer be published. “I don’t think it’s appropriate to divide” 888 “into” men’s and women’s “books Shen Li believes that both boys and girls can learn mathematics well as long as they have the right method and work hard.

“I have taught high school mathematics for 10 years and junior high school mathematics for more than 20 years. From my practice, male and female students have no natural advantages and disadvantages in learning mathematics. Even some girls are more careful and have higher scores Such “rigid” division is no different from drawing a “frame” for students, which brings pressure to some girls. “If we follow this logic, should male and female students be separated in mathematics teaching? Obviously, it is unrealistic and unscientific. ”

Shen Li frankly said that if the publishing house introduces the concept of “alternative” for marketing, it can be understood, but it needs to think twice. After all, the direct audience of these teaching aids is students, which will have a subtle impact on them.

“we may as well divide the exercises into several levels. Boys and girls can challenge all levels of questions.” Students and parents need not worry too much, Shen suggests. “In a normal mind, we should have confidence in ourselves and our children, encourage and work hard, rather than blindly believe in some” gimmicks “or” theories. “. Only in this way can we learn mathematics well. ”

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