Is it true that hunger cures all diseases? Longevity experts say frankly: four kinds of diseases can really starve

Hunger treats all kinds of diseases, which is the view of traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that satiety is not good for health. If you eat too much, the first thing is that the stomach and intestines are burdened, and then the liver and kidney are not good.

in 1991, researchers from the University of Los Angeles in the United States conducted a follow-up observation on eight astronauts, and confirmed that after proper starvation, their bodies were healthier and their people looked younger. Not only that, but also animal experiments have confirmed this point.

some scholars have interviewed several longevity experts, and they all agree that hunger is the only way to delay aging, while other methods have uncertainty compared with hunger.

obesity, obesity has long been defined as a disease by who. People with long-term obesity will also suffer from chronic diseases. If fat is eliminated, their life will undoubtedly be prolonged.

to be fat is to eat more and move less. On the one hand, to lose weight is to start with exercise, on the other hand, it is necessary to control diet. Both of them work together, and it is difficult to be thin.

hunger is to control the intake of fat and calories, especially at night. Eating less dinner, or not eating, really helps to control weight loss. At night, the body’s metabolism is slow and overeating, which is unfavorable to fat digestion and absorption.

chronic gastritis has been a disease that afflicts many Chinese people. And most of the old stomach disease, also originated from eating too much. If the stomach is in the state of distention for a long time, it will inevitably damage the gastric mucosa and affect the gastrointestinal work.

learning to eat less, leaving a little space in the stomach, and the stomach can digest quickly, is very good for the body. At least it can help the stomach to reduce pressure and make it easier to work.

Nowadays, insomnia has already become a national disease. Behind this disease, actually, is neurasthenia. Most people’s insomnia, will also be accompanied by insomnia, irritability, easy to wake up and other problems. After a full meal, insomnia is more serious.

if you can eat less before you go to bed, you will not have a bulging stomach and reduce the burden of digestion. Nerves can also be in a relaxed state, which makes people feel relaxed and happy, and is also conducive to sleep. Insomnia is always good people, can try.

for a long time, the saying of “starving cancer cells” has been regarded as a rumor. In fact, it has a certain basis, but most of them have expanded this basis.

the expansion of cancer cells needs to compete with normal cells for nutrients. Eating less is really helpful to inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. At the same time, it also means that their own nutrition will be insufficient, which can be said to be a double-edged sword.

but for some obese or over nourished people, we can help the body get nutrients by eating less and maintaining a more balanced diet.

in particular, studies have shown that eating too much is related to cancer such as gastric cancer and pancreatic cancer. Eat less, three points of hunger, to prevent cancer is also beneficial.

in a word, it may be exaggerating to cure all kinds of diseases by starvation, but it is not unreasonable. At least eat too much, not as good as expected, this is everyone has deep experience. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!