Is it true that “stay up late with dark eyes” often said by friends? The answer is too much

Black eye circle, is due to often stay up late, venous blood flow around the eyes become slow, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply of red blood cells in the eye skin, the formation of chronic hypoxia.

when the oxygen is gone, carbon dioxide is left in the blood vessels, and more and more metabolic wastes are accumulated. In the end, the color of the blood will darken and stay, causing eye pigmentation.

one is cyan black eye circles. Most young people have this color. Because they stay up late to use their eyes, the oxygen consumption of blood vessels increases greatly, but the blood flow speed is slow, the oxygen quantity can’t keep up with it, and the hypoxic heme grows rapidly. From the outside, it’s cyan. The other is dark brown eye circles, which is related to age. Due to the pigmentation around the eyes caused by long-term sun exposure, and the loss of subcutaneous fat, dark circles are more obvious, showing the color of tea. 08/17/2020