Is kidney stone eaten out? Reminder: four kinds of food, purine far more than seafood, many people can not give up

Take urology department common kidney stone and say, kidney grow stone not only against the normal human body structure, but also to patients with inhuman pain.

kidney stone is not a rare disease, but it can cause severe colic in the waist and bladder, accompanied by dysuria. In the words of patients with kidney stones, “pain to suicide”

it has many causes, but 80% of patients are caused by calcium oxalate stones, calcium uric acid stones, etc., and these substances are caused by our large amount of high purine substances.

because purine is an organic compound widely existing in animals and plants, it will be oxidized into uric acid after entering the human body. If you eat too much high purine food, it will lead to a large amount of uric acid accumulation, and eventually lead to gout and kidney stones. If the condition is serious, it may also lead to renal failure, which can not be underestimated.

many people may know that the purine content in seafood is very rich, and excessive consumption may lead to kidney stones. However, in addition to seafood, there are some high purine foods that we don’t even know.

Chinese people like to drink soup. The proportions of various kinds of broth, fish soup and broth are all the same. However, animal meat, fish and small intestine contain a lot of purine substances, which will enter the soup after cooking.

purine in the soup will be converted into a large amount of uric acid. If you do not drink water, exercise, uric acid will accumulate in the kidney. If you have the habit of drinking soup for a long time, you may eventually form kidney stones.

summer night life is rich, it is inevitable that people will have dinner and barbecue in the evening, and summer is the best time to drink beer, but beer contains a lot of purine.

beer contains a large amount of uridine acid, and purine is the component of uridine acid. At the same time, this substance is easily absorbed by the human body, leading to the increase of uric acid.

in addition, after drinking a large amount of beer, the content of uric acid in the blood increases. Through blood circulation, uric acid will enter human tissues to form crystals, and inhibit the excretion of uric acid from human kidneys, leading to the appearance of kidney stones.

carbonated beverage itself is a high osmotic pressure liquid. Drinking a large amount of it will cause osmotic diuresis. This diuresis does not have much benefit and will lead to the loss of water in the human body. Most of uric acid will still accumulate in the human body and eventually lead to kidney stones.

the liver, pancreas, kidney, brain, tripe and other viscera of animals are very popular food. They are rich in nutrition and delicious in taste. Usually people stir fry or stew these contents and become hard dishes on the table.

but the purine content in the viscera of animals is very high, which is no less than that of seafood. If we eat too much, it may eventually lead to kidney stones and affect our health.

if you want to have a healthy diet, you just have to remember one principle: no matter how delicious the healthy food is, don’t eat too much; if you don’t want to eat too much, you should eat it in a proper amount because of your health needs.

this also reminds us that friends with high uric acid should not only pay attention to adjusting their diet structure, but also drink more water and exercise more, so as to help the stones formed in the body be discharged from the body. Focus