Is lemon a sensitive fruit? Does lemonade drink in the morning or at night, has whitening effect? Get to know

I believe that many friends have the pursuit of whitening, especially female friends, in order to whiten, they dare to try anything, such as whitening needle, whitening water, oral liquid and so on. But let alone the efficacy of these things, it will have a certain impact on the body. In order to avoid taking risks, many people put their hope on lemon < / P > < p > maybe everyone has heard of the saying that lemon can whiten the skin. Some people insist on drinking lemonade every day in order to whiten their skin. Some people think that lemon is a sensitive fruit. If you drink it in the morning, it is easy to get sunburnt in the daytime. The more you drink it, the darker it will be? Today, let’s take you to uncover the “mysterious veil” of lemon! < / P > < p > but I believe that what you want to know more is, will the sun get darker after eating the photosensitive fruit? In fact, photosensitive fruit is mainly because it contains some metal substances, which can promote the production of melanin, thus leading to skin after ultraviolet radiation, more likely to grow spots, darken. However, in fact, this statement does not hold true in lemonade, because every time we drink lemonade, we cut at most a few slices. There is little photosensitive substance in it. In addition, there are very few people who really enter the human body after being soaked in water. There is no need to worry about it. < / P > < p > in fact, when we choose to drink lemonade, we mainly think that lemon is rich in VC. As a whitening “master”, VC has a very high status in people’s mind, but people often make “wrong” reasoning at this step, because there is not much VC in lemon, and when making lemonade, we may only need two or three pieces, and the VC content will be less The effect is negligible. < / P > < p > then someone asked, can you whiten your face with lemon slices? In fact, put aside the skin will not absorb, on the face of the “sour stimulation” feeling, also let people call “help”! So, if you want whitening, you’d better give up drinking lemonade as soon as possible! In fact, the most attractive thing about lemonade is its sour and sweet taste? And most people add honey when making lemonade. In addition to taste better, there are other benefits, such as lubricating the intestines, preventing constipation, nourishing the skin and removing spots and lines. < / P > < p > advantages: many people like to drink a cup of honey and lemonade when they just get up in the morning. This habit can make our intestines and stomach active and defecate more smoothly. Especially those who have constipation problems, we might as well try it. < / P > < p > disadvantages: when you first get up in the morning, your stomach and intestines are still fragile, and lemonade is a pungent sour drink, which may cause gastrointestinal discomfort and is not suitable for friends with stomach diseases. < / P > < p > advantages: lemon is rich in vitamin C. drinking lemon is beneficial to skin health, improve color spots, eliminate wrinkles, and enhance physical fitness and promote digestion. < / P > < p > disadvantages: drinking lemonade in the evening may aggravate the stomach discomfort, lead to the increase of gastric acid, stimulate the gastric mucosa and induce gastric diseases. Adding appropriate amount of honey can alleviate the problem, but it is not suitable to drink too much. < p > < p > conclusion: lemon is a “whitening master” in many people’s hearts, but it is really difficult to achieve whitening by drinking lemonade. In fact, the VC content in lemonade is not as good as eating fruits like Dongzao and strawberry directly, so we should know more about it when we choose this way. If you want to whiten, the best way is to apply sunscreen to avoid being sunburnt, because we are yellow people, no matter how white we are. 20