Is liver cancer advanced as soon as it is discovered? The four “alarms” of the body have already sounded, which can be compared with self-examination

In order to promote health, many important organs should maintain normal function, liver is no exception, liver plays an important role in the human body. If there is cancer in the liver, the body will be affected, resulting in various adverse reactions. Therefore, we should pay attention to the active prevention of diseases to prevent the occurrence of liver cancer. Many people say that liver cancer is a late stage after examination. Is there any basis for this statement?

in clinical practice, many people do physical examination. If it is found that the liver cancer has reached the advanced stage, it may be that the body is not checked regularly at ordinary times, or some symptoms are ignored, which may make the disease continue to develop. From the early stage of liver cancer to the late stage, which increases the difficulty of treatment. If you can develop a good habit of regular physical examination, or pay close attention to changes in the body, you can also find liver cancer in the early stage.

if there are a lot of spider nevi on the skin surface, it may be a signal of liver malignant tumor. In the development of liver cancer, the body’s ability to inactivate estrogen is reduced, and the skin is abnormal due to the expansion of capillaries. The main feature of many people is the formation of spider nevus on the surface of skin. The existence of this kind of situation indicates that the disease is developing. It is very likely that liver malignant tumor threatens health, and it should be improved through timely treatment.

the occurrence of liver cancer will cause pain in the liver region, which is the reason why many people feel uncomfortable in the abdomen. It is mainly related to the local liver capsule being pulled and the liver swelling. After they work together, the liver area will ache, and the pain may not be obvious in the early stage. With the development of the disease, the pain performance becomes more and more serious. With this special performance, the liver area often has pain, which indicates that the disease is developing and is closely related to the pathological changes of the liver. It is necessary to detect the symptoms of the disease and treat it as soon as possible.

feeling bloated all the time is likely to be a warning from illness. Abdominal distension may be caused by portal hypertension caused by liver canceration, which will form liver ascites during the development. Under the influence of liver ascites, many people’s main feeling is abdominal distension. The existence of such a situation also indicates that the formation of liver malignant tumor should be improved through active treatment, otherwise the liver cancer may become more and more serious.

the formation of liver malignant tumor will cause special changes in the eyes of patients. If the eyes have obvious yellowing characteristics, it may be caused by liver malignant tumor. In the development of the disease, bilirubin levels increased, liver cells damaged, released a lot of bilirubin into the blood, will cause jaundice. Eyes will also have special performance, you can find that the patient’s white eyes turn yellow. This feature is related to the serious disease of the liver, which belongs to the warning of canceration. We must pay attention to and take reasonable treatment measures.