Is malnutrition easy to get sick in the elderly? 5 dietary skills to help improve immunity and enhance physical fitness

Most of the elderly are prone to loss of appetite and dyspepsia due to tooth damage, digestive juice secretion and gastrointestinal peristalsis. Therefore, they are prone to lack of nutrition due to insufficient food intake. Therefore, the diet of the elderly should be more refined, with more food patterns and soft food as the main food. In addition, drink less soup before and during meals. Don’t think that all kinds of soup are easy to eat and easy to digest and eat a lot. On the contrary, it is easy to be full and unable to take other food.

the elderly should have a series of discomfort when they are short of water because of the decline of their tolerance to water shortage. Therefore, they should take the initiative to drink water. The amount of drinking water should reach 1500 ml every day. Replenishing enough water can prevent discomfort caused by water shortage.

most of the elderly will have osteoporosis due to the decrease of bone mineral density, which is mostly related to calcium deficiency. Therefore, they need to take enough calcium and vitamin D, eat more foods with high calcium content, such as milk, soybean milk, protein, shrimp skin, and so on. In addition, they can properly go out in the sun to promote vitamin D synthesis and help calcium absorption.

the poor digestive function of the elderly leads to poor appetite. They eat less food each time and are prone to malnutrition and underintake. Therefore, they should eat less and more meals to increase the number of meals per day. The way of eating less and more meals can make the body slowly absorb nutrition, so as to improve the malnutrition phenomenon and make the body slowly supplement nutrition.

don’t think that older people are prone to various chronic diseases, so we should control weight and fat intake. In fact, a large number of fruits and vegetables, although its vitamins and minerals are high, but simple intake of fruits and vegetables can not meet the body’s intake of energy, protein, fat, will cause problems in the body, so the amount of fruits and vegetables should be appropriate.

the elderly are undernourished and have poor immunity and are prone to diseases. In daily life, they should take diet to improve their immunity, and they should also adhere to exercise. Exercise can promote metabolism and speed up blood circulation. At the same time, it can also enhance bone health, enhance physique and exercise at the same time.