Is short acting contraceptive safe?

Engel has been trying to persuade everyone to use contraception scientifically, but the reality is still very cruel and cold. According to statistics, in 2014 and 2015, the number of abortion surgeries in China exceeded 9 million, and some data show that there are more than 13 million people per year. According to reports, the rate of repeated abortion is about 13.55%, and the lowest is in the younger age group < / P > < p > for those who want to take the initiative and have stable partners, especially those who have irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea and acne, Engel first recommends short acting contraceptives, which can meet almost all your needs. < / P > < p > the first short acting contraceptive in the world is called “enovid”, which was born in 1957. In the case of insufficient clinical data, FDA of the United States still approved it to be put on the market in 1960, based on the fact that “unintended pregnancy has more disadvantages than contraceptive pills”. Soon enovid swept across the United States, freeing women from endless childbearing. < / P > < p > at that time, people also called it “magic pill”. It really gives women the right to choose their children freely. This year is the 60th anniversary of the birth of short acting contraceptives. More than half a century has passed, it is still constantly surpassing itself. < / P > < p > in addition to the efficient contraception of their own duties, they have also derived side businesses such as regulating menstruation, removing acne, and removing edema, which is one of the most widely used drugs in gynecology. Now, more than 200 million women in the world are using it, which also proves its effectiveness and safety from the side. < / P > < p > short acting contraceptives are composed of estrogen and progesterone. As long as they are taken correctly and not missed, the contraceptive effective rate is as high as 99%. How does it use contraception? After the estrogen and progesterone of the short acting contraceptives enter the human body, they will give the body a signal that “the hormone in the body is enough”, and then the brain will give orders to the ovary, so that it will not ovulate again. Without the eggs, a group of sperm “people” will not have any trouble. A proper birth control. < / P > < p > in addition, because the hormone dose of short acting contraceptive is very low, it will be metabolized from the body 1.7 days after taking, and will not accumulate in the body, so it needs to be taken every day to ensure its contraceptive effectiveness, which is also the reason why it is called “short acting”. After stopping the drug, you can get pregnant. It’s very suitable for women with family planning in the future! < / P > < p > the development of short acting contraceptives has now been updated to the fourth generation. Scientists are always thinking about better drugs. Under the condition of ensuring contraceptive effect, the adverse reactions are less and less. It can be said that the newer the better. < / P > < p > several common short acting contraceptives in clinic contain the same estrogen component: ethinylestradiol. This is a kind of synthetic estrogen, which is widely used in short acting contraceptives. The estrogen content of short acting contraceptives has been reduced from 150 μ g since the launch to 20 or 30 μ g now, which greatly reduces the side effects such as nausea, breast swelling and pain. < / P > < p > from the original Progesterone Acetate cyproterone contained in Dayin to desogestrel contained in Marvelon. Up to now, the latest generation of short acting contraceptives, such as yousiming, contain a new type of progesterone drospironone, which has achieved very close to the progesterone activity naturally secreted by the human body. At the same time, it also has two valuable qualities, anti androgen activity and anti mineralocorticoid activity. The so-called anti androgen activity, simply speaking, is able to dispel acne, can help acne muscle from now on to smooth acne troubles.

as for the anti corticosteroid activity, it can promote body draining and sodium excretion, prevent edema caused by water and sodium retention, and do not worry about getting fat, it can also edema *! I really know more and more about women. < / P > < p > in short, in addition to the excellent contraceptive effect, short acting contraceptives can also help women protect their fertility. After all, childbirth is one of the most important things in a woman’s life. Now the short acting contraceptive has realized the expectation of giving birth to women if they want to, and has won more choices in life. 2