Is the body blocked? If you don’t have these three manifestations, Congratulations, your stomach is still healthy

Introduction: constipation is not a disease, blocking up to human life, this sentence is not serious, only constipated people can have a deep understanding, some people do not constipation naturally do not experience the pain of constipation, it brings to life is not a little two, but a lot, can not sit, stand, lie, eat, it is the devil.

attention to skin is not only the focus of girls, but also boys. If you have constipation for a long time, your skin will be dull and dull, because constipation will increase the burden of the liver and lead to metabolic disorders in the body, which will be reflected in the skin.

long term constipation can lead to inflammation. This is true. Long term constipation can leave a lot of bacteria and viruses in the intestine. They flow to all parts of the body through the blood and vascular walls. Especially if they go to the reproductive organs, they are more likely to induce inflammation. Therefore, people with thread and long hemorrhoids

constipation have an experience. If they want to defecate, they have to use force, no Then defecation is impossible, that is, such a situation will damage the anus, venous reflux will be affected, a long time will grow hemorrhoids, ulcers, serious words will cause anal fissure.

constipation is partly due to slow or no intestinal peristalsis, so it’s OK to eat more food with dietary fiber, such as fruits, grains, vegetables, etc., which can improve intestinal peristalsis, so as to achieve the effect of defecation.

every day before going to bed and after getting up, you can press the 4 cm place on the navel net with your fingers, slowly increase the strength, press about two minutes, then press the left and right sides of the navel, also two minutes, and finally press the 4 cm place down the navel, also two minutes, which is helpful for defecation.

conclusion: is the body blocked? If you don’t have these three manifestations, Congratulations, your stomach is still healthy. Defecation is not a trivial matter. We should form some good habits in our daily life, so as to avoid these problems. We should take preventive measures, not too late, exercise more, eat more dietary fiber food, drink more water, keep a good mood, and constipation is no longer a problem. Focus