Is the washing machine difficult to clean? Pour it in, take out the dirt, bacteria and clean it with one button

The washing machine is divided into washing bucket and water holding bucket. There is a interlayer between the inner cylinder and the outer cylinder. When washing clothes, the hair and dirt on the clothes will adhere to the interior of the interlayer. < / P > < p > a while ago, there were some problems with my washing machine. At the moment when the maintenance personnel took out the inner cylinder of the washing machine, the dirt on the outer wall of the drum was disgusting, just like the sticky black toilet in the public toilet! < / P > < p > when washing clothes, these bacteria may be contaminated on the clothes, which is why the skin is red and itchy. If you still put underwear and underwear in the washing machine, the consequences will be more serious! < p > < p > drum and wave wheel washing machines are applicable. From the top to the bottom, from the inside to the inside, the dirty things in each small hole can be brushed out, and the cleaning is very thorough! < / P > < p > Step 1: pour the cleaning agent directly into the washing machine. As our house is the first time to clean, according to the requirements of direct pouring a bottle. < / P > < p > Step 2: clean in “standard mode”, the operation is very simple. The bubbles are quite numerous. Look at the strong cleanliness. < / P > < p > Step 3: decontamination visible! Look at the gray and muddy water. There are all kinds of stains and debris in the water. I feel sick all over! < / P > < p > my colleague’s home is a wave wheel washing machine, and the effect is just as shocking! There was dirt floating in the inner cylinder, and many large pieces of dirt were filtered out from the filter screen, which covered the whole sink. < p > < p > in the past, the effervescent chip cleaning tablets not only had to soak for several hours, but also had a complicated process, including water discharge, power failure and melting. It’s very inconvenient to clean the washing machine all day. < p > < p > soaking detergent is particularly unfriendly to the wave wheel washing machine. It can only be soaked in half, and the top half of the washing machine can’t be washed. Washing for half a day is equivalent to white washing. < / P > < p > and this one is much better. Once the drum rotates, the entire inner cylinder can be contacted with the cleaning agent. From top to bottom, it can be cleaned 360 & deg; without leaving any sanitary and dead space. < / P > < p > * the sterilization test results of a qualified third-party testing agency using 10% aqueous solution of this product for 15 minutes showed that the killing microorganisms were Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans < / P > < p > note: if the drum washing machine is not cleaned for a long time, it is the first time to use the washing machine slot cleaning agent There will be residual stains on the inner wall of the barrel, so it can be wiped off or cleaned again in the conventional washing mode after cleaning. < / P > < p > before use, the dirt collecting port is relatively clean, and after use, there will be obvious dirt on the dirt collecting port. These are the dirt cleaned by DuPont washing machine slot cleaner. < / P > < p > it has passed the European reach-svhc safety test, and does not contain 201 substances of high concern specified by EU. You can use it at ease. < / P > < p > specially added with lemon fragrance factor, the washing machine has a natural lemon fragrance after washing, which is mild and does not stimulate, so as to avoid the stimulation of chemical gas on clothes and nose. DuPont company is a global enterprise based on scientific research. DuPont pursues “safety” and “innovation”, and its products always adhere to these two concepts. < / P > < p > nylon we should all know that the material of our clothes and pants now contains nylon. And this kind of man-made fiber is invented by DuPont. More than 90% of the synthetic fibers in the spacesuits of human lunar astronauts come from DuPont. It’s no wonder that his detergent has powerful functions, which is inseparable from the professional support of the veteran enterprises. < / P > < p > compared with the paper box + plastic bag packaging which is easy to absorb moisture and become moldy, DuPont’s canned goods can be safely stored in the water environment of laundry, and it is not easy to be wet. < / P > < p > 1. Pour the cleaning agent directly into the washing machine barrel for the first time. In order to ensure the effect, it is recommended to use one bottle at a time. < / P > < p > 1. Pour the cleaning agent directly into the washing machine barrel for the first time. In order to ensure the effect, it is recommended to use one bottle at a time. Select the highest water level, add water and close the washing machine cover. Focus