Is there any use of facial mask? Open the correct posture of the mask to help you have good skin.

mask has changed from a skin care product to a daily necessities. All kinds of masks on the market are so dazzled that the whitening, acne removing and wrinkle resistant are like every girl should have.

actually, mask is not as useful as we think. Our skin is composed of dermis and epidermis, the outermost stratum corneum in healthy condition has 10% ~ 30% of the ingredients are water, and when the human skin condition is not good, the cuticle appears dry atrophy or sebum secretion is insufficient, the water is easy to lose, so the skin is easy to become dry.

if you start applying skin mask to your skin, you can lock what you will lose. That’s why you think the mask is good.

but the balance of skin and water is maintained by the overall balance metabolism in the body. It is impossible to fill the water outside the skin. Therefore, applying the mask has certain effect. It can play a role of moisturizing or temporarily replenishing water. However, the effect of long-term replenishment by applying the mask is useless.

that’s what you feel when you apply a mask. You can feel the skin blow and break, tender and juicy, and then feel dry and yellowish after stopping the mask.

many people know that salicylic acid, vitamin C glycoside and so on, these ingredients have whitening effect, so when these people see the composition of the mask contains such ingredients, they think the mask must have whitening effect. But are you sure these ingredients can cross your skin barrier? < / P > < p > in addition, in order to make consumers achieve the desired whitening effect in a short period of time, some businesses may also add harmful ingredients such as mercury and fluorescent agents, which may even harm skin health if used for a long time.

daily mask not only will not make the skin better, but will destroy the skin barrier, cause cuticle damage, make the skin thinner, and even lead to skin allergy, dermatitis and other skin diseases.

application mask does not have a fixed time, but the time of applying the mask is 10-20 minutes. It is understood that mask for 10 minutes can make the stratum corneum moist.

some people are obsessed with homemade facial mask. They think the homemade mask will be more natural and effective, but the homemade mask may not be as safe as you think.

although the mask has no long-term effect of replenishing water, the mask can still be applied. However, we should not rely too much on mask or superstition mask. Usually, when skin is in urgent need of water, you can use a facial mask to save your life. For those who want to whiten by applying the mask, it is better to recommend sunscreen. Privacy Policy