Is triglyceride 3-5 seriously over standard? What can you eat to lower it? The doctor said it clearly

I said, whether it’s my cousin or not, I recommend this to everyone, and as long as my patients have high triglycerides, as long as they’re not outrageously high, they can get back to normal by controlling their diet. I have seen triglycerides for more than 20 years, and they returned to normal after half a year.

triglyceride is one of the blood lipids. It is not good to raise triglycerides, but triglycerides are not worthless. Triglycerides can provide certain energy and heat for the human body. Brain nerves, liver, kidney and other important organs contain a lot of fat. It also constitutes the body tissues and bioactive substances, such as the main components of cell membrane, forming phospholipids, glycolipids and so on. In addition, it can protect internal organs, moisturize skin, and prevent shock.

the long-term elevation of triglyceride is also harmful to human body. After triglyceride increases, carriers carrying triglyceride will increase, and chylomicrons and very low-density lipoprotein will increase. Although triglyceride has little direct impact on atherosclerosis, LDL-C will increase, forming atherosclerotic disease, causing atherosclerosis Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; therefore, triglyceride increase, will also cause a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

the main reason is that the diet is not healthy. The fat taken from food is absorbed by intestinal mucosa under the action of bile acid and lipase, and triglycerides are synthesized in intestinal epithelial cells.

when the triglyceride is higher than 2.3, even if it is high triglyceride, whether it is very serious or not can be simply divided into lower than 5.6 and more serious than 5.6. Because higher than 5.6 will induce acute pancreatitis, acute pancreatitis is more critical, and the impact of triglyceride on cerebral blood vessels is gradual, not immediately will be a major event.

strictly speaking, what we don’t eat or what we eat less can reduce triglycerides. Or appropriate to eat a little more what is conducive to the control of triglycerides. The ability of simple food to directly reduce triglycerides is limited. Only long-term healthy diet can adjust triglycerides well.

our common fried food, fatty food, all kinds of desserts, more fat meat, red meat, viscera and so on, all of which will increase triglycerides. Even if we eat more steamed bread and rice of fine grains, they will be converted into triglycerides. Therefore, some people will say that they don’t eat oil or meat. One reason why triglycerides are high is that they may eat too much fine grains.

eat less of these foods, so that triglycerides can be effectively controlled. At the same time, we should drink less or abstain from drinking, because drinking will also increase blood lipid, and after the increase of triglyceride, if you still drink, it is more likely to induce acute pancreatitis.

if we talk about which foods can reduce triglycerides, then we need to point out that fish, especially sea fish, as well as some vegetable oils and nuts, also have unsaturated fatty acids, which are conducive to the reduction of triglycerides in theory. Therefore, it is necessary to say what food to eat to reduce triglycerides, that is, fish or appropriate amount of nuts. This is why deep sea fish oil is available on the market to reduce blood lipids. This is the fish oil extracted from fish, which can help triglyceride metabolism.

if triglycerides are higher than 5.6, or after a long-term healthy diet and exercise, triglycerides still do not return to normal, then we need to cooperate with some beta lipid-lowering drugs. Because triglyceride is higher than 5.6, it is easy to induce acute pancreatitis.

in a word, after triglycerides increase, the most basic and effective way is to eat a healthy diet. Most people can return to normal triglycerides after a healthy diet, and do not need to take medicine. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!