Is uremia eaten out? Eating enough of these six foods is not without risks

At present, in order to save costs, many businesses will add many substances to pig blood, such as flour, formaldehyde, salts, dyes, etc., in order to reduce costs and enhance the appearance of pig blood, so that people are willing to buy this low-cost pig blood. However, these pig blood contains a lot of carcinogens. If the pig blood is consumed for a long time, it will not only cause serious kidney damage, but also induce cancer. < p > < p > the sugars in carbonated drinks and their daily intake far exceed the normal daily intake, especially the sugar additives in some drinks belong to refined sugar, which can promote the formation of tumor. Therefore, when drinking a large number of carbonated drinks containing high sugar for a long time or drinking carbonated drinks as a substitute for boiled water for drinking, kidney damage will be greatly increased The incidence of renal failure and uremia increased significantly. < / P > < p > food cooked in hot oil for a long time will produce acrylamide and other toxic substances, which have a strong carcinogenic effect. Although a small amount of food will not cause too much harm to the body, but a large amount of food for a long time will lead to the existence of a large number of these substances in the human body. Because the kidney is the main organ of human metabolism, its poison will first damage the kidney, and then Lead to the emergence of the corresponding disease, serious will also cause the occurrence of uremia. < p > < p > salt is one of the most important condiments in life. However, the daily intake of salt for everyone is regulated. Generally, it is not more than 5 to 10 grams. If a large amount of salt food is ingested, it is easy to increase the body’s sodium, increase the metabolic burden of the kidney, and make the body water not easy to be discharged. In the long run, it is easy to cause kidney functional damage And lead to uremia. Therefore, we should eat less pickled food, so as to prevent the occurrence of related diseases. < / P > < p > the body’s phosphorus is mainly filtered through the glomeruli. When a large amount of phosphorus containing food is consumed, it is easy to increase the burden on the kidney and reduce the filtration effect of the glomerulus. In the long run, it will cause serious kidney damage and lead to uremia. < / P > < p > most red meat belongs to high purine food. Before trying, eating a large amount of red meat will easily lead to the increase of blood uric acid level, and the kidney is the main part of uric acid metabolism. If uric acid is increased for a long time, the burden on the kidney will be increased. Moreover, red meat contains a lot of animal fat, which can easily lead to renal artery sclerosis and arteriosclerotic nephropathy. < / P > < p > the above are several common foods that can cause uremia. For patients without uremia, we should prevent these bad eating habits, which can effectively reduce the incidence of kidney disease. But for patients with uremia, we should pay more attention to the standard diet at ordinary times, so as to ensure that the disease is in a stable state, and also helpful for treatment. HEALTHY LIFE