Is Yoga equal to white practice? A group of Yoga stretching method, dredge Qi and blood, nourish beauty and shape

Speaking of maintenance, there are many topics to talk about. Some people think that maintenance is skin care, hair care, these external aspects. If you find yourself out of the black eye, you will be able to put on a mask if you find acne. If the above methods do not work, that is, these care products are not symptomatic, and they need to buy new ones.

it’s like playing games to fight monsters. When we meet a problem and solve it, we never solve it at the root of the problem. In fact, our body has edema, acne, dark circles and even sudden obesity. It is the internal environment of our body that has problems, the meridians are not unobstructed, and the metabolism of the body has problems;

therefore, a large number of problems have been accumulated in our body If we dredge the meridians of the body, we can mobilize the excess fat in the body to decompose and burn, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing fat!

on the other hand, for edematous obesity, excess water and waste materials can be discharged from the body along with the meridian system, reduce visceral fat, regulate the balance of yin and Yang in the human body, and enhance the Qi and blood of five viscera organs. It is a kind of treatment for both symptoms and root causes and conditioning the body’s health;

an efficient method of weight loss does not require dieting, it will not rebound, nor will it do harm to our health If it brings any harm, dredging meridians is good for our body. Once the meridians are unobstructed, Qi and blood will be unobstructed throughout the body. In order to keep the meridian system in a smooth state and transport Qi and blood sufficiently, let’s share some postures with Jimei to help dredge the meridians and regulate qi and blood. Relatives can practice at home.

first of all, place your left and right legs back and forth, bend the knees of both legs, pull the left leg backward, touch the ground of the left knee, compact the cushion surface of the left foot, keep the lower leg of the right leg and the cushion surface in a vertical state, keep the upper body upright, naturally relax the shoulders and keep straight, keep the head and neck upright, eyes on the front of the body, and naturally buckle the arms at the knee of the right leg;

]Inhale, vertically extend the spine, tighten the waist and abdomen core, and the gluteus muscle can push the hip forward slightly to keep your pelvis in a neutral position. Do not shift left and right. Exhale. Put your body’s attention on the stretching feeling of the muscles in the front of the left leg. When the body is stable, stay for 10 breaths, and then change the leg and reverse the operation.

first of all, place your left and right legs back and forth, bend the knees of both legs, bend the knees of your left legs in advance, bend the knees of your left legs in a vertical state with the ground, step the soles of your left feet firmly on the cushion surface, step backward on the right leg, bend the knees of the right leg, touch the ground, and keep your spine straight and straight;

support your right arm upright on the cushion surface, press the palm on the ground, and keep the left arm straight and backward Fang Yanzhan uses your left hand to hold the toe of your right foot. Pull your right leg closer to the body direction until the right leg is vertical with the ground. Turn the head to the left rear position of the body and look at the toe of the right foot with both eyes. After the body is balanced, stay for 10 breaths, and then change legs and directions for practice.

first of all, stand on the cushion with two feet separated by about two shoulder width, keep the upper body upright, keep the legs straight, do not bend the knees, and step on the ground with both feet;

inhale, extend the hands and arms straight and backward at the back, hold the two hands together, fully open the chest, lift the thoracic vertebrae, exhale, take your hip as the folding point, keep your spine straight and lean down Sink the upper body, the two scapulae adduction close to each other, when the body posture is stable, stay for 10 breaths.

first of all: stand on the cushion surface, with the left leg straight extending to the rear of the body, the right leg flexing knee, the right leg keeping vertical with the ground, the thigh parallel to the ground, the upper body extending vertically, the waist, abdomen and buttock muscles exerting force to keep the bone basin of your body in a neutral position;

inhale and lift your right arm upward to get close to the prescription of the right ear Stretch upward, drive the body to stretch backward, extend your right psoas muscle, exhale, put your right arm straight and backward to find your left leg knee, chin slightly raised, eyes looking upward direction, after the body is stable, stay for 10 breaths, and then reverse practice. Focus