Is your face OK, ladies and sisters who are still learning skin care with the beauty blogger?

  OH MY GOD! This color code is so beautiful. Buy it, buy it, buy it, buy it for me! This facial cleanser is super mild, suitable for all skin types. It’s really super mild. Please order it quickly, and your hand will be slow! These lines must be familiar to everyone! Yes, this is the routine lines of the popular beauty bloggers. Any skin care products are easy to use. After using them, you can change your skin white and beautiful! I’m sorry to tell you the truth. It’s really necessary to be careful. Follow the blogger to buy. The money is spent. It’s not sure if there is any effect. Those beauty bloggers will not be responsible for your face. So, please be rational and rational when you participate in the live shopping!

there are many beauty bloggers who advocate applying the mask to make up, so that the makeup is very obedient and not stuck, but there may be other serious skin problems. Because the skin pores of the finished mask are in an open state, cosmetic makeup will directly enter those pores directly. If things go on like this, there will be more and more rubbish in the pores. Black heads and pimples will follow. Compared with this, the land will rather be stuck with powder. Is it bad to replace a good foundation? Why do you have to spoil your face! Tiktok is tragic beyond compare in this human world.

is still a beautiful woman in front of her voice. The result is a shocking process and a thin face sticker that is tearing off the cheek. This “thin face patch” was called “the gospel of the big face” at that time, but it was very harmful to the skin. You can think of it. If you stick something similar to adhesive tape on your face all day and tear it off at night, it will cause great damage to the skin, and it will easily cause skin aging and wrinkles. < / P > < p > when I saw it, I thought it was amazing. I also thought that these little sisters were also fantastic ideas. Of course, there are also small sisters that feel effective, but in theory, hemorrhoids cream belongs to astringent ointment, and the skin around the eyes is very fragile, can not afford a little toss, convergence cream is likely to accelerate the aging of the skin, so, ladies and sisters, or save money to buy eye cream! < p > < p > fuyanjie is a kind of cleaning product for women’s private parts. To some extent, it belongs to disinfectant. Some people not only say that fuyanjie can remove acne, but also some say that it can grow hair! Shilu really admire him. It’s really a fantastic little elf to make this speech! Let’s analyze, the main ingredients of fuyanjie are Sophora flavescens, Radix Stemonae and Fructus Cnidii. We can have a look at which ingredient can remove acne and which component can grow hair! < p > < p > white granulated sugar exfoliation, and rubbing the face with salt is the same wonderful! Such coarse particles, rubbing on your delicate face, is no different from brushing your face with a brush. Rubbing up is still very painful. What does the little sister look like? Is the mask uncomfortable? Rub face with white granulated sugar is easy to destroy the skin barrier, make skin allergic and itchy, and even sensitive muscles will be found in serious cases! If you really want to exfoliate, you can use a mild exfoliating product! < p > < p > let’s talk about the wrong skin care methods of beauty bloggers today. What other wrong skin care methods you know can be shared in the comments section! In fact, what beauty bloggers share is not necessarily all wrong, but we should not blindly believe in their guidance, the product is the same, suitable for their skin is the best Oh! You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao