It is known as “cancer of immortality”. It has a preference for women and middle-aged and elderly people. It is really painful!

“As a woman, I always feel that there is no more pain than when I have a baby. But when herpes zoster attacks, I almost thought I was going to die of pain, that feeling is no less than the pain of childbirth < / P > < p > “when I just got sick, I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was chicken pox, so I didn’t pay attention to it. But after a few days found that these so-called acne, will show red rash and blisters, but also accompanied by strong pain, so that I can’t sleep well all night < / P > < p > it is believed that many people have suffered from “serpentine ulcer”, which is known as herpes zoster in medicine, because it often appears in the waist of a person and looks like a snake hanging on the waist, so it is called “serpentine ulcer”. In rural areas, there is an old saying that “a circle of snakebite will cause a disease”. What is the matter? Why is herpes zoster called “immortal cancer”? < / P > < p > in medicine, herpes zoster is actually a viral skin disease, which is mainly caused by the reactivation of varicella zoster virus in the body. Chickenpox I believe we should all know that many people have grown up as a child, that is, the kind of transparent blisters that grow on the body, usually will subside on their own. However, the disappearance of blisters does not mean that they will quit the “Jianghu” from now on. Only a small number of viruses are eliminated by the immune system, and some viruses are “hidden” in the nervous system. < / P > < p > with the increase of age and the decline of body resistance, the vesicular herpes zoster virus will “reappear in the lake”. In addition, some diseases leading to immune deficiency, such as AIDS and leukemia, also increase the risk of herpes zoster virus recurrence. < / P > < p > the favorite part of herpes zoster is the waist of a person, and it will show a cluster shape, with three or five blisters gathered together. In addition, herpes zoster will also be accompanied by the following symptoms: < / P > < p > pain: the pain caused by herpes zoster is no less than that of women during childbirth. The pain is mainly concentrated in the waist, chest and back, and the pain in the night is far more than that in the day. Sometimes, as long as the clothes touch a little, it will cause severe pain. Varicella zoster virus is not a kind of skin disease caused by external infection of the body, but a ghost of cells inside nerve cells. If the virus in the nerve wantonly multiply, beyond the scope of neurons can bear, will cause severe pain. < p > < p > after being activated, herpes zoster virus will present a zonal distribution along the shape of nerve distribution, and a dense rash will appear on the body, just like a snake, which is very frightening. < p > < p > herpes zoster virus is generally self-healing, through drug treatment, the pain will subside within two weeks. But do not exclude some people with poor immunity, even through drugs, it is difficult to beat back the neuralgia caused by herpes zoster. Many people with herpes zoster virus, will be in a hurry to the hospital’s dermatology for treatment, in fact, in the early stage of the virus attack, the most should go to the pain department. < / P > < p > however, if you want to say goodbye to herpes zoster completely, there is no particularly effective treatment. Most people can heal by themselves. Even through antiviral treatment, it can only reduce the degree of pain, and can not guarantee that there will be no recurrence in the future. The recurrence rate of herpes zoster virus is the highest at the turn of seasons. In order to prevent the emergence of herpes zoster, in addition to actively improve their immunity, but also through vaccination to prevent, vaccination for people over 50 years old. Generally speaking, although herpes zoster is terrible, as long as we actively improve our immunity, vaccination can “shut out” them. Focus