It is natural tonifying spleen. It needs to eat more in summer, and its face is ruddy and youthful. It is comparable to applying ten facial mask.

Sweet potato is a very common food material in our life. It can be used as staple food and snack food. It is a kind of food with various eating methods. Sweet potato taste sweet soft waxy, affordable price, rich nutrition, deeply loved by the public.

sweet potato is rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals, food fiber, etc., and carotene, vitamin B1 and other vitamins are necessary for maintaining human health. We eat sweet potatoes every other day. It is ruddy and glossy. It is better than applying the mask.

follow ha Mei to have a look at the specific cooking steps of the delicious sweet potato porridge with job’s tears. In summer, a bowl of sweet potato porridge is full of vitality all day. It’s easy to learn, and I like to remember to collect it! HEALTHY LIFE