It is said that “drinking hurts the liver”. In addition to alcohol, these can also cause liver lesions

If the human body is compared to a large factory, then the liver is the Department responsible for the decomposition and disposal of waste materials in this factory. The liver transports the waste produced by the body factory every day to its own workshop, processes the toxic substances, recycles the useful substances, and finally discards all the processed substances.

doctors, dieticians and family members are trying to persuade you to reduce alcohol consumption, which can damage people’s liver. Excessive drinking can lead to alcoholism and liver cirrhosis. After alcohol enters the human body, the liver will be responsible for the metabolism and decomposition. Frequent and uncontrolled drinking will increase the degree of liver damage caused by alcohol, and it is very easy to cause and induce a series of liver related diseases. When alcohol enters the body, it becomes the reason why the liver can’t complete its metabolism well.

this is not the case. Among the wastes that need to be treated in the liver, there is a substance called aflatoxin. Aflatoxins are highly toxic and pose serious health risks. The toxin, which likes to grow in moldy food, is 60 times more toxic than arsenic. The intake of aflatoxin may cause liver damage and liver failure.

because the processing factory added a large amount of food preservatives in the process of making and processing cans, which improved the preservation of cans, the shelf life of general edible cans was very long. Such things can’t be eaten regularly for a long time. Preservatives can damage our liver. These canned foods contain too much preservatives, which will make preservatives accumulate in the body, thus increasing the burden on the liver. In the long run, it may infect the liver and cause liver lesions.

now, people’s quality of life has improved, and more food can be selected. However, we should also pay attention to healthy eating habits. Eating more high-fat food, such as fat and viscera, will cause a great burden on our liver. Intake of fatty food, on the one hand, will accumulate body fat. On the other hand, in order to metabolize more fat, the liver will increase the workload and carry out overload operation. The main reason of fatty liver is that the liver is overloaded for a long time, and the metabolism becomes slow, which leads to fat accumulation.

now many people love spicy food. It can be said that no spicy food is not happy. However, spicy and irritating food can stimulate the gastric mucosa, increase the secretion of gastric acid, induce gastrointestinal bleeding and increase the burden on the liver.

it’s better to throw away the moldy food directly. It’s not recommended to remove the moldy part in order to continue to eat. Mold is bacteria and toxins and other microorganisms into the food, we can see that the mold is a large-scale accumulation of mold on the food surface, does not mean that the part of the food without mildew has not been invaded by mold. Eating these moldy foods can cause vomiting and diarrhea, and toxic to the liver, but also increase the incidence of cirrhosis and fibrosis.

most of the favorite fungi need to be soaked for a period of time before cooking. Generally, the appropriate soaking time is 10-20 minutes. It is not recommended to spend too much time soaking the fungus in water, which will cause the fungus to be invaded by coconut single cells and cause liver damage after eating.

there is a substance in the human body that can promote the secretion of sebum called luteal hormone. And the liver has the ability to destroy the luteal hormone, so that the hormone in our body is in a state of balance.

the liver plays an important role in human metabolism. If the liver function is damaged and there are wounds on the skin, it will be difficult to regenerate. In addition, the liver’s detoxification function will cause wound infection and suppuration.

it is different from diarrhea in the case of eating bad stomach and catching cold under normal conditions. Frequent diarrhea and bloody stool are manifestations of liver lesions. When food enters the body, bile secreted by the liver helps the stomach digest food better. Reduced bile secretion by the liver can cause indigestion and often diarrhea.

drinking water has a good nourishing effect on liver, and chrysanthemum tea has a good effect on nourishing liver and protecting liver. Chrysanthemum contains the main components of choline, flavonoids, selenium, which can protect the liver, strengthen autoantibodies, help liver detoxification, and increase immunity

conclusion: liver is a chronic disease, liver damage and pathological changes are not achieved overnight, pay attention to diet, understand and use some knowledge of nourishing liver and protecting liver, in order to better protect the liver. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!