It is said that pregnant in October, but the intellectual development of the fetus is only 3 weeks

Giving birth to life is an expectant and exciting process. Every day in October, Baoma’s mother fantasizes what her baby looks like, looks at the fetal movement, and thinks that she must be a little genius when she grows up. Every Baoma mother looks forward to her baby very much, and she will consult all kinds of materials to give birth to a smart baby in the process of pregnancy in October.

according to the research, children’s IQ level is indeed related to fetal development. However, in the process of 10 months’ gestation, the fetus’ limbs, nerves, systems, organs and skin develop at different stages, and the most critical period of IQ development is only 3 weeks. If the father to be and mother to be can seize the three weeks, the child’s brain will be fully developed, and the IQ will certainly surpass that of ordinary children in the future.

the process of fetal development is like wearing clothes. It needs to be completed step by step. Each step is the foundation for the next step of development. Brain development is the most complex and core step. It needs to establish contact and reflection basis with nerves, limbs, systems and other parts of the body. Therefore, it has been developing continuously, with three peaks.

at the fifth week of the fetus, the brain forms a cerebral hemisphere. The basic brain nerves and the cerebral cortex establish contact for the first time, and the brain volume increases significantly, forming a preliminary neural network, just like the process of laying wires before connecting circuits.

the basement determines the superstructure, which is a key step in brain development. If the fetus does not develop well this week, the subsequent intelligence development of the fetus will be affected.

after 10 weeks of growth, the fetal brain weight accounts for a quarter of the total body weight. Around 10 weeks, the growth of neural tissue in the fetal brain peaked at 5000 toxins per second.

the cerebral cortex began to move slowly, and gradually generated primary gray matter, which provided landing sites for many nerve cells, and memory traces also appeared in fetal brain.

at this time, the fetal brain tissue is basically shaped, with a weight of 400 g, accounting for one eighth of the body weight. The number of brain nerve development is about 10 billion and will continue to develop.

fetal brain nerves tend to be perfect, forming basic vision, smell, taste, etc. fetal movement can prove fetal nerve reflex, and can clearly see the child’s facial structure when doing B-ultrasound.

in the long October pregnancy, every day the child has undergone subtle changes, but only these three weeks are the peak time of fetal development, and the development of fetus will be affected by the external environment and pregnant mother. If mothers to be can grasp these three weeks, take appropriate measures to help fetal brain development and avoid some risk factors, the IQ level of fetus will be higher.

Baoma can use touching and music to stimulate the fetus to wake up. Moderate waking up during the day is conducive to brain development. One hour a day is enough. Don’t delay the normal sleep and rest time of the fetus.

protein supplement can eat eggs, milk and lean meat; fat supplement can eat vegetable oil; vitamins come from fruits and vegetables and animal liver; calcium supplement can eat sesame, soybean and other calcium rich foods.

don’t eat salty vegetables, bacon, bacon and other salty foods during pregnancy. Lead containing foods such as popcorn and eggs can’t be eaten. Aluminum in fried dough sticks and oil cakes is also harmful to fetal brain development.

the brain development of the fetus in the abdomen is the basis of the acquired intelligence development. With a good foundation, we should also pay attention to the cultivation of the acquired guidance, so that the baby can become a real “genius”. Skip to content